Thursday, October 2, 2008

All Things Great

Finally, I get a quiet moment to blog. I can not tell you how many times in a day I think. man, that would be a good thing to blog about, and then don't. Lately, I have just been trying to catch up on my sleep. With the hurricane taking all of us out of whack to adjusting to my wee wun's sleeping (or not sleeping) habits, it has been tough for me. However, things have begun to get back to normal and my wonderful hubby has been helping me so that I can rest and sleep more.
So, my cake classes have begun. I am so excited to redo cake decorating basics and learn from a different instructor. She is quite the character. She is quick witted, but quicker to come back with her kick butt decorating expertise. I think I am going to learn a lot of no nonsense decorating tips from her. Since, I have been teaching myself a lot on the side in between classes, I have still added to my cake portfolio. Once I stopped criticizing my work from the very beginning, I really started to have fun and the results have been great. I look forward to seeing my work a year from now.
Lately, I have been doing more womanly bonding and Suburban self cultivation. In fact, I have discovered that I have been wrong in my thinking of Suburban Women. I used to joke about "Bon-Bon" moms and swore I would not fall into the same trappings, but let me tell you what I have discovered. The women in my subdivision are a variety of accomplished ladies. Some of them work. Some of them only work part time. Some of them stay at home, like myself after leaving a career. Most of us do have kids and we are involved at all levels with their schools. So last night I found myself at my first Bunco game, something I used to joke about. At first, I did not think I would fit in, but shortly after arriving and talking, I discovered all I had to be was myself and a woman to fit in. That simple. Everyone had so many different personalities, so many different stories. We gathered around food and drinks, a lovely meatloaf dinner with nice wines. I found myself engaged in lively conversations and pleasantly diverted. It was really a fun night. I also won the grand prize by having the most Buncos. I felt guilty at so badly misjudging this different community in the past.
I have also found myself in a great Book club. I am the youngest in the club by at least 30 years or so. I really like being around such seasoned readers who can relay their experiences when voicing their opinions over the book selection. I have heard so many interesting stories and heard the joys and regrets. Lives are amazing, even when they seem so simple. I am becoming more excited at joining another book club in my subdivision. I can hardly wait to see what I will experience there.
So I am on the right track to running again, a few days here and there with 3 to 4 miles behind me. All this with ever new experiences I am privileged to join, makes me feel extremely blessed. I am helping everyday to make a home and to self improve myself. I owe these great gifts to my wonderful husband who really does not know how I truly do appreciate this experience, probably cause like most humans, I do get down from time to time about housework and stubborn kids! But for the last two days, he has been more than wonderful to me, he has been heaven sent. He has let me flourish and taken care of the home stuff for me. Nothing says love like your dishes being done for you by your hubby, except one that works hard so that you do not have to! I love you baby and life is awesome.
And all things great, begin with you.

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