Monday, December 15, 2008

Those Who Can't, Share

From Cool Ideas

Okay, I love to find great ideas and use them. You know what they say, those who can't, find it on the internet. Okay, so I just made that up. I could not wait to share two great tips with you.

The above picture is of a decorated sugar cookie hot glue gunned to a gift tag. Of course, you can not eat the cookie (I mean I guess you could if you got stranded in the snow for several days after a Christmas party and it was all you had), but it is not the cookie you would want to give to Santa. I think it is a great, inexpensive, very cute idea that will really be talked about and appreciated! The idea comes from Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul.

Second, is this:
From Cool Ideas

This fun idea comes from The Kitchn, where incidentally, I happened to come across Paul's blog! I absolutely love the site. It is full of all kinds of ideas and creations. Absolutely wonderful.

Well, tomorrow is another Tuesdays With Dorie installment. Should be fun as always!

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Pamela said...

Oh, that cookie on the gift tag is such a good idea! And I think the pot holder on the mantle is cute, too!