Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Things Come In Small Packages

From Mini chopper

While I was "Dirty Santa" shopping at Walgreen's one fine late day before Christmas, I came across this cute little kitchen gadget called the RTH (Round The House) Mini Chopper. Since I knew I still had a bunch of baking left and a bigger bunch of whole shelled pecan halves leftover that my MIL gave me, I bought it for me. Yes, I know I was there to shop for others, but you know how it goes, better to receive than give. This was just too adorable to resist. I brought it home, momentarily thought about giving my find away as a present, then proceeded to keep it and use it on my pecans. Let me tell you, this little dude has power and he is so easy to clean up. He chopped those pecans like there was no tomorrow and he has worked the same magic on my onions, garlic cloves, and celery! He is also much easier to drag out for these little jobs, than his bigger counterpart, the food processor, and cheaper, only $12.99. I can not tell you how happy I am to have him. I call him Lil' Chip and my new wonderful Christmas present Cuisinart Food Processor, Big Chip. Dorky, I know, but you guys know how attached you get to your kitchen helpers!

From Mini chopper

From Mini chopper

So I was just kidding about the "better to receive than give" part. I used my mini chopper to chop up some pecan halves to bake my hubby his favorite cookies as a Christmas present; Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. The recipe I used was from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home To Yours, page 68. I did have some leftover dough (which I froze for safe keeping) and baked a fresh batch with it today for my kids as an after school snack. They loved them. They said they could not believe how unbelievably good they were. They are such dramatists. I left them slightly under baked, just like they like them.

From Mini chopper

I highly recommend buying a little chopper like this, if most of you do not have one already. I may even buy another one to give away on my site!

Have a wonderful day!


Weezer said...

I also have a mini food chopper that my Mom gave me many moons ago. It looks horrible but works very hard. There is a place for both the large and the small chopper or processor.

Omega said...

Cool site. Hope you enjoy the pamper chef cooking stuff. Remember NO DETERGENT OR WATER!!!

Gabe's Girl said...

I already have plans for my Pampered Chef stuff! The mini loaves are the best. I can hardly wait!

Jaime said...

i love my mini processor too!