Monday, January 19, 2009

Luck and Resolutions Post

From YumYums

5-Star Foodie just tagged me to write my Luck and Resolutions post - 4 wishes that I have and 4 resolutions that I made this year.  Usually,  I do not make them, since I know I am a work in progress 24/7 (ha,ha), but for fun, here it goes.

My 4 wishes are:

1. For me and my hubby to have more date nights.

2. For my kids to have a wonderful, safe, and happy year to remember in their older ages.

3. For all my loved ones and dear friends to prosper and stay healthy.

4. For my life to remain as beautiful (or more so) as it is today.

From YumYums

My 4 Resolutions are:

1. To be a better wife.

2. To be a better mother.

3. To be a better friend.

4. To be a better citizen.
From YumYums

I am passing the Luck and Resolutions task to:

Dragana of Prijatno

Kaitlin of Kaitlin in the Kitchen

Gabe Little of GabesGadgets

Good luck!
From YumYums


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you with all the wishes and resolutions! Love all the yumyums pictures!

Linda said...

Good luck with your resolutions and your photos are good enough to eat!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my! Those desserts look to-die-for! Your resolutions are great. Good reminders for me! Thanks!