Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pizza Night 2

From Pizza Night 2

Okay, you know how the sequel is usually never as good as the original? Well, this time, it was better.  Today, I went shopping at HEB World Market near my house. I love HEB. It is a foodie's dream. It has a bit of everything and is so wonderfully stocked.  While I was there restraining myself from going astray from my grocery list,  I did remember that tonight was pizza night. Having theme nights has really helped my shopping and dinner prep.  I noticed that the fresh basil was on special, so that inspired me to make my daughter and myself a  Margherita pizza.  The Roma tomatoes were also on sale,  so I knew it was meant to be.

I began with my new easy and fast pizza crust recipe from Cuisanart.  There is no wait time, except for ten minutes for the active yeast to react with the sugar. As soon as you mix it in a food processor, you can pre-bake it for 6 minutes. Then, you add your filling and toppings, bake a little longer, then you have dinner!

From Pizza Night 2

So, that is what we did. Now that my hubby is away for work, we girls can add all the veggies we want (he hates them, think of the V-8 smoothie commercials). Tonight, we did. Of course, my youngest son only wanted a cheese pizza, so we halved the pizza.

From Pizza Night 2

To our side, I added a light spread of pasta sauce, sprinkle of Italian seasoning, light sprinkle of cheese blend (Cheddar, Monterey Jack), a more generous sprinkle of Kraft's Shredded Cheese Blend (Grated Asiago, Parmesan and Romano Cheese Blend), and Havarati Cheese (to sub for Mozarella), topped again with another sprinkle of Italian seasoning.  Then, I added the sliced, patted dry Roma tomatoes on top. I continued to bake the pizza for an additional 14 minutes. I finally added patted dry, sliced fresh Basil leaves to bake for the last 4 minutes.  FYI,  stack the Basil leaves on eachother, roll them up, then slice width-wise. This will make it faster and easier to sprinkle and apply on pizza.

From Pizza Night 2

The result is a nice, light tasting, crisp fresh pizza. I served it alone, with cool, sweet tea.
I just wish I had some fresh ground black pepper for it.

From Pizza Night 2

From Pizza Night 2

It has been over 2 hours since I baked it, and the house still smells like yeast dough and pizza!


5 Star Foodie said...

:) Your pizza looks just like ours usually does - one half cheese and the other all the yummies. My daughter also prefers just the cheese.

Btw, if you go to the Inn at Dos Brisas I would love to feature your review on my site.

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

What a great pizza!!! Thankfully everyone in my family loves veggies!

Sara said...

This looks great, I make homemade pizza all the time. I keep balls of dough in the freezer for when the mood strikes!