Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post #93: Wonton Ravioli

Wow! I just noticed today that I am about to reach Post #100 soon. Amazing. That means, we are getting closer to my give-away. I just love give-aways. I NEVER win, but I am always happy to try and I try to be happy for those that do win.

I will never forget when as a wee girl, I attended a Girl's Club Bingo. It was being held in some cafeteria. I was not really into playing Bingo or whatever prizes were being offered, until came along some cute, little white pair of ice skates! Now, I lived in North Texas at that time. Even though we did get some snow back then and even more ice, I do not know why I wanted those skates. I never would have really been able to use them, since the ice was never thick and we had no ice skating rinks. Any how, I wanted them, and like most kids, hoped against hope that I would Bingo to win them. And just like my luck always is, did not. I saw my ice skates being handed to some other gleeful and smug little girl whose braids I wanted to pull.

Once again, I digress.

Okay, a while back, I promised you all some new recipes. Let me post the disclaimer here:

Warning some pictures will appear blurry due to operator error with the camera that has yet to be resolved. Food looks better than appears in these photos.

That being written, here we go!

From wonton ravioli

 Easy Wonton Ravioli


  • 1-package of store-bought wonton wraps (usually found in produce section next to tofu and Asian vegetables)
  • Filling of choice (such as Ricotta and cheese mixture or some saucy meat filling)

(Easy so far?)

Deep Fry Instructions:

  1. Open pack of wonton wrappers that have been refrigerated.  
  2. To one wonton wrapper, apply about one tablespoon of filling.
  3. Brush edges of bottom wrapper with a light amount of water. (Use fingers or pastry brush)
  4. Cover filling with another wonton wrapper on top.
  5. Press around wrappers to seal the ravioli.  
  6. You may also use a pastry cutter to add a ridge border to your ravioli or leave as is.
  7. Assemble desired amount of ravioli
  8. Fill skillet about half way with canola oil (or any light oil) and heat on medium high.  
  9. To the oil, add sprigs of Rosemary and minced garlic to season the oil.
  10. When oil is thoroughly heated, and drops of water sizzle on surface, add three wonton ravioli to fry on each side until crisp and golden ( usually less than two minutes total). You will see pastry puff up. Don't worry. It will be okay. After you remove them from the oil, they will settle down.
  11. Drain on paper towel.
Season with additional Italian Seasoning or fresh herbs and parmesan as desired. I also sprinkled a touch of garlic salt.

NOTE: Do NOT add more than three ravioli at a time. Doing so will significantly lower the temperature of the oil and you will have soggy ravioli!

From wonton ravioli

Baking directions:
  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Follow the above directions #1-8.
  3. Place prepared ravioli on a baking sheet that has been lightly coated with a nonstick spray.
  4. Make sure ravioli is placed at least half an inch apart.
  5. Brush ravioli lightly with olive oil.
  6. Bake until ravioli is nice and golden.  (for me, it took about three minutes)
  7. Immediately after you remove them from oven, season with additional Italian Seasoning or fresh herbs and parmesan as desired. I also sprinkled a touch of garlic salt. 
This is an easy recipe to use when you are entertaining. It is a great appetizer. It is also great to serve as an easy meal for your family.

From wonton ravioli

I can not tell you how much I love the versatility of wonton wraps. There are so many neat things you can use them for while cooking.  The possibilities are endless!

Also as promised, here is the picture of my cut Imitation Devil's Food White Out cake. Not a great job of torting, but it is progress. The kids ate it imperfect and all. They even licked their fingers! Now that is a compliment.

From wonton ravioli

How I did it (with my daughter's much needed help):


Dragana said...

I have yet to try wonton wraps. Yours look delicious. The cake is a winner too - but one know what I'm talking about!

Hayley said...

These look super yummy! I love ravioli :)

Cheryl said...

Man that looks delish! I want to reach out and eat that cake right this minute!

Anonymous said...

I've been craving all kinds of ravioli lately. Love your wonton version - yummy!

Frank said...

Yummy looks good!!

Gloria's Groceries said...

I am going to give this recipe a go! It looks so good.

Jaime said...

yum! i would love the fried goodness!!

about the korean filet - i have not tried it with hot sauce. you can find that chili sauce at walmart, actually. most grocery stores nowadays will sell it in the international food aisle, near the soy sauce so you don't have to go to the asian market anymore :)

Debbie said...

I only recently started reading about making these with the wonton wrappers. I just told my family last night that I wanted to try to do it.

Anonymous said...

NO FAIR! You get to bake/cook a lot more than me. I'm jealous! =)

The raviolis looks great. Never thought of using wonton wrappers. Clever! Do you suppose phyllo dough would work just as well?

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness gracious! I love this recipe. I am trying to figure out if I have everything to make these right now. That would be a treat.

And holy cow! That cake looks too good to be true! yum o!

Teanna said...

Congrats on your almost 100th post! That wonton ravioli looks amazing!

Julie said...

Yum! Those look great :)