Monday, March 16, 2009

Post# 102: And the winner is...

Beth from Someone's in the Kitchen with Brina...  I love the story behind her blog title. Be sure to go on over and check her site out and congratulate her on her win!

Thanks to you all for participating. It was so much fun, I know I will have another giveaway soon.

Here is how the drawing went down...

Okay, so it was my first stint in Foodie Video Land. Could I have used the word, ALSO, many more times? I can hardly wait to do something like that again, but while working with food. It will be fun, especially to see how I progress with my before-the-camera skills!

Once again, thanks to my awesome hubby who keeps helping me with this hobby of mine and supporting me technically and emotionally! I just love you.

Congratulations again, Beth! Don't forget to show us your mad cookie cutting skills with your new loot as soon as you can!