Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post #136: Dora the Explorer Cake (Part 1)

I  know today is Tuesday with Dorie, but would you settle for Tuesday with Dora, instead?

I opted to pass up this week's TWD challenge of making ice cream (I know, I am an idiot!) to continue working on my sugar art for an upcoming "First Birthday"cake that is due this Friday. Dora the Explorer is the party's theme.

Dora is to be the centerpiece for the cake. I opted to make her up using Color Flow icing from Wilton. This seemed easier than using fondant or a character cake pan (which is never enough cake for a Hispanic party!). I have read a few blogs singing the praises of Color Flow and have seen it in my Wilton cake decorating books, but never knew what it was or how it worked, only that it delivers a boost of color and gloss.

This milestone cake is my first attempt at using Color Flow from Wilton.

Let me tell you, I love it! Once you mix it, it is so easy to thin and dye. If you read the Wilton instructions, it will seem tedious, but I did not find it so. I just kept my icing covered with a damp kitchen towel, especially after separating into different colors, and everything went smoothly. Color Flow is very similar to royal icing, but has a glossier texture.

The Color Flow decorating directions specify to use parchment bags only, but I hate the things, so I used disposable piping bags instead. I had to cut some bags shorter in order to fill them with a very small portion of colored Color Flow icing, but it was still easier for me than making up parchment bags.

Here is how I got started:
  1. Printed online picture of Dora (free download form NickJr.com).
  2. Taped picture onto working surface (plywood).
  3. Taped wax paper over picture.
  4. Mixed One Batch of Color Flow Icing according to directions (EASY!).
  5. Dyed portion of the icing black (used Wilton gel).
  6. Traced picture with black icing using a disposable piping bag with no tip, just cut out a very small hole at the bottom.
  7. Allowed outline to dry overnight (2 hours is the minimum).
  8. Today, I thinned icing and separated it into portions according to the different colors I would need.
  9. Dyed portions (used Wilton gels) and covered with damp wash towels (for big batches use kitchen towels).
  10. Filled in Dora using disposable piping bags with no tip!!! Just cut out a very small hole.  Read directions on package on how to fill in outline. 
  11. Used thin paintbrush and toothpick to help guide color along pattern and over spaces.
  12. Left Dora drying on my dining room table until her transfer onto the cake in three days!

What to expect when using Color Flow:
  • Needs only drops of water to thin. 
  • One batch should be more than enough for an average centerpiece.
  • Needs 2-3 days to dry, sometimes more if humid!
  • May need to freehand some color into tight spaces using a toothpick or a very tiny and thin paintbrush.
  • Expensive, so use your coupons from the craft stores! However, a little DOES go a long way!
  • Need to plan ahead to make days in advance
  • Delicate to work with. Brace yourself for breakage. (I have back up icing to help glue and trace in case this happens. I hope to salvage it somehow!) 
  • Tastes very sweet and is so good!
  • Not as hard to work with as the directions read (I can not make this point enough).
  • Have plenty of time to play around with it before it sets. I covered up some blemishes pretty easily.
Here is my final product...

From dora

Now, let's just hope I can transfer my girl without any disasters!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the final result!

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Mermaid Sweets said...

That looks sooo good.

Leslie said...

How cool that you can do this! I'm impressed!

Cheryl said...

Man you are mean, I am dying to see the final product!

Megan said...

Wow - I've never worked with color flow before. I usually cheat and use edible images!

Can't wait to see what the end result looks like!

Sara said...

Looks great, can't wait to see the final product!

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks fantastic! You are very talented. I always learn so much when I come here.

Vera said...

She looks pretty!