Friday, July 10, 2009

Post #141: I have a watermelon!

I am back from vacay! I visited North Texas and was able to reconnect with my family.  Now, I am back for a short while until my hubby returns home and we take the family to Az. to have a looksie around the Grand Canyon and Sedona area.  I am so excited.

I was surfing the internet with a vengeance for food ideas. I have a lot of events coming up, so I wanted to see what unique and affordable ideas where out there just waiting to be discovered and tried!

Here is one idea that I wanted to share with you. I will be using this idea very soon.

Cutting Out A Baby Stroller Fruit Centerpiece -- powered by

I just love creative and resourceful ideas, especially ones that I can use to make me look brilliant!

Well, here is what I PLAN to post this week.

  • Recession Banana Pudding
  • Butterfly-Themed 6th Birthday Cake
  • Pantry Challenge Dinner (make something yummy using a majority of pantry products)
It is so good to be home! My grass is dying in a major way. It does not help that my neighbors have healthy looking lawns-for now (hehe).

Have a super sunny day!


Melissa said...

What a cute idea and it sounds like you have some fun stuff coming your way! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I always thought those strollers from watermelons were the cutest things : ) Love it. I am glad you are having such a fun summer! Can't wait to see the Birthday cake!

Cheryl said...

Cant wait for your upcoming posts!