Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post #178: TWD Mini Milk Chocolate Cakes

There are many things I do not trust in this world:

1) Politicians
2) Lawyers
3) Sales People
4) People with dogs who look just like them
5) The scale at my doctor's office
6) My children being helpful at odd times
7) My mini bundt pan

For this last reason, I chose to make my TWD cakes in my mini round cake pans.

This recipe seemed so easy that I waited until last minute to do it. Boy, did my little 18- month old daughter make me pay for it! For all the time I had to stop, I could have made an 8- course dinner. Luckily, I just made five little cakes. Three were decorated for the school-aged children coming home for their snacks.

This is how they all started out:

From twdminicakes

Yes, I left them in a little too long while tending to little Miss Diva. I heard the timer going off and could do nothing about it!

This is how they ended up looking:

From twdminicakes

From twdminicakes

From twdminicakes

My take on this recipe, not my favorite. The cake tasted okay, not at all what I was hoping for. The nut swirl was just not a winner for me. I was confused by it all together. It really did not add much to the flavor. I HATED the glaze. Mine came out clumpy. I really hate using corn syrup in glazes. It never works out for me.  It makes a thick glaze. I love ganache and should have used that instead.

I do plan on trying the recipe again. I am a sucker for bundt cake recipes, plus I know there are better substitutions I will make next time, mainly using buttermilk instead of regular milk and my ganache! I also plan on NOT over baking it.

I also will make sure the little Diva is in the company of others while I bake. That is the only time she really is not hell bent on making me her personal assistant and minion.

Maybe, I will also buy a new mini bundt cake pan. That would be nice!

Thanks Kristin of I'm Right About Everything for hosting this week's challenge. I noticed she has a wee wun named, Gabby, as well.

I wonder if her Gabby interfered with her creative process, too...

Next up, Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia. Keep bringing on the chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Aw, well, they look great, but I'm sorry that the cakes didn't turn out the way you wanted :(

Kayte said...

Love the look of these cakes in your little mini round pans. You are so creative with your toppings, I didn't even once stop to think of sprinkling something on top, too bad, as it looks like a party with that on it. I had trouble with the icing so I just kept adding more corn syrup until it looked like the one in the book...the guys said it tasted great, so I guess that was the thing to do for me anyway. It won't be long before Little Miss Diva is helping you in the kitchen!

Teanna DiMicco said...

Awwww Miss Diva! So cute (although I'm sure you didn't think so while you were baking)! I think your cakes look DELICIOUS! I am sorry you were not crazy about them!

Gabe said...

Looks pretty darn tasty to me.

Jennifer said...

Looks delicious!

Oddly enough, WAY after I was finished with mine, I thought it could've used some peanut butter glaze and some salted peanuts.

Leslie said...

They are adorable, even if they didn't hit the mark for you. I think the last one, with the honey roasted peanuts, looks the most delicious. I think I'm off chocolate glazes for life, I think that ganache is always the better choice!

Pamela said...

Yum! Well, I love the way you decorated those cakes for snacks. Those must have been some seriously happy kids!

Flourchild said...

Mine was a disaster..your minis look so good!

Marthe said...

They look soooo cute!

You should really try working with marzipan, I found it supereasy to work with! Yes, I did make the cutouts myself, aren't they cute?

Nicole said...

You asked on my blog about what type of pan I used. I have a NordicWare mini Bundt pan; it's very heavy. You just have to butter it to death so that things don't stick.


Life with Kaishon said...

Your little Gabby is so ridiculously cute. I think I would forgive her for all her helping : )

The Queen of Quite a Lot said...

I love the cakes with the little chocolate chips. My Gabby didn't interfere, because I did it all while the kids were at school. I much prefer to do my baking when they aren't there to "help". Thanks so much for baking with me this week.