Sunday, May 23, 2010

Easy-To-Do Donuts (or is it doughnuts?)

As a kid, there is something magical about donuts. As an adult, donuts become a guilty pleasure that rings a nagging tone in the back of your head as you finish just one. But, as a kid, donuts are something special reserved for the weekends, and even more special if you can snag one during the weekdays, like playing hooky. As a kid, you feel something close to euphoria if you are allowed to eat more than one donut (probably from the sugar high). As an adult, well you just feel the pounds and cholesterol coming on.  

For me, donuts equal a special time in the past, when my grandfather would take us to Southern Maid Bakery (because we did not have awesome Shipley's in my hometown) on our way to school, especially if we were running late anyway, and let us get a donut and a carton of chocolate milk. It was his special treat and time with us. I remember the smell of donuts and coffee walking in and the feel of comfort and glee walking out with a white paper bag stained with grease in one hand and a opened chocolate milk in the other. Later, it would be bear claws and chocolate eclairs and a steaming cup of hot coffee. 

It is with this remembrance that I happily made my babies donuts this morning. Usually when my hubby is home from work, I will let him go buy the kids donuts at the donut shop nearby. However, he is out of town and I had this new donut recipe from the Naked Baker I just had to try. I combined her recipe with Paula Deen's and it went a little something like this;

First, I mixed up Paula Deen's Glazes. 

Then, I cut holes out from the center of the biscuits using my 2D decorating tip (that died shortly after this when it met Mr. Garbage Disposal).  

Here is how that turned out! I even kept the donut holes. 

Then, I fried them up. It took around 30 to 40 seconds on each side.

Finally, I drained them on paper towels, rolled them in cinnamon-sugar, and added glaze and sprinkles. 

My tips:

1) Make glazes while you are heating oil (I used Canola, but you can use peanut, vegetable, or corn). 
2) Add a donut hole to the oil first, to see if oil is hot enough, if you do not have a thermometer handy.
3) You can use biscuit cutter and bottle neck without lid to make holes in the center of the biscuit.
4) If you drain on paper towels, the donuts may stick to them. I ended up placing the donuts on a plate, then dabbed them with a paper towel.
5) Use light-weighted tongs. Also, place the tongs between center of the hole and donut edge. Using heavy tongs or pinching donut on the edges, causes the donuts to deflate, as mine did at first. A fork can also be used to pick the donuts up.
6) Cover up imperfections the best you can with sprinkles and glaze. 

My boys ate 6 donuts in no time flat! Ah, to be young. 

I made them go brush their teeth right after. 

I only ate one...and a half.

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Jaime said...

drool........those donuts look amazing!