Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Symphony Brownies

I was not able to do this week's TWD. I wanted to, but simply could not find enough people who liked raisins in my house in order to make Raisin Swirl Bread. Normally, I would give my baked goods away in a case like this. But alas, I did not ask any of my awesome neighbors if they liked raisins. So, no TWD this week. However, I do want to make Dorie's Raisin Swirl Bread, but just not for me to enjoy, because I LOVE raisin bread. I will just have to wait for the PERFECT occasion. You know, when others can help me intake the calories!

Here is something I made while my sister was visiting. 

Aren't they beautiful?

I craved these brownies so badly that I waited for company (i.e. my sister) to visit so that I could eat some and share the rest! 

There is a story behind these brownies. Not these brownies, but the recipe. 

After I came home from birthing my baby, Lilah, many of my AWESOME neighbors took turns making me and my family dinner. It was the best present anyone could have given us. It was like getting a surprise everyday, but an edible one. 

Well, my neighbor and friend, Cissy, brought over a great meal of ravioli and fixin's. But, the star of the show was definitely these brownies! I will never forget the moans of ecstasy that filled the house as these babies were bitten into. I must confess that we ate the whole pan in one night. Yes, we did. All of us. Well, except for the baby. 

After much persistence, I finally got the recipe from Cissy (Thanks, Cissy!). I could not believe how easy it is to make these babies. 

Symphony Brownies Recipes
 adapted from Cissy H.
  • prepare your favorite brownie recipe (I used Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix)
  • buy 2-3 Symphony bars with toffee (depending on what size you use. I used Theater Sized)
For thicker brownies:

Fill an 8X8 baking pan half way with prepared brownie batter. Then, lay Symphony Bars vertically along pan. Finally, cover bars with remaining batter. 
Bake according to directions. Cool completely! Then, cut. 

For thinner brownies:

Fill an 13X9 (or so) pan a little less than half with batter. Then, add Symphony bars to middle. Finally, cover bars with remaining batter. Do not worry if the mix does not completely cover bars. The batter will rise and cover them. Also, you will get a cool grid made from the  bars that will show on the surface of the brownies. Makes the brownies look artsy and easier to cut! This is what I inadvertently did. Bake according to directions (baking time should be less). Cool completely! Then, cut.

I warn you; these brownies will go quickly. They are as addictive as crack. Seriously. 

Everyone seems to know about these brownies around our Sub-D. Apparently, they have made the rounds at PTO functions and suppers! 

Have fun making these and enjoying them with your loved ones!

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megan said...

I've heard about these before! Someone at work recommended them to me, but I haven't tried them yet. You've convinced me, they sound incredible from your description!

Barbara Bakes said...

This does sound like an easy, must try recipe. Love the picture!

Jennifer said...

Oh my word...these sound so decadent and delicious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

brownies sounds terrific with the addition of symphony bars!

Cheryl said...

You know I love tweaking boxed mixes and that is the exact mix I use. The best according to my research!

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