Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sandwich Cookies courtesy of Giada D.

Okay, for those of you familiar with The Food Network, you know how addicting it can be. I had to wean myself from it almost two years ago, because all I wanted to do was blow all of our money and my time making everything I saw on there. The other day, I sat down for a while and for the lack of knowing what is on t.v. at any given time, I turned it to The Food Network. I just happened to catch Giada's tailgating episode. 

Giada. Her perfect model-self baking and cooking with not one drip of sweat or spot of mess in her kitchen. She moves her hands too much and shows off her annunciation of Italian words as often as she can, but for the most part, I do like her recipes. She made these cookies that I just had to try. Except, I left out the filling. Nothing against the filling, but I am all about the cookie. And I am all about a cookie that is a perfect match for my coffee and this one is IF you leave out the filling. If you leave in the filling, then it definitely going to need a dunk in some cold milk. 

You can find her recipe here, Giada D.'s sandwich cookie recipe

Now, for my review. Considering I was near death's door after a much painful wisdom tooth extraction when I made these babies, I agree that they are very easy to make. The texture of the cookie is like biscotti, so if you like biscotti, and I do, then you will LOVE these. Scratch that if you like biscotti and love chocolate (and I do), then you will LOVE these. Yes, that is much better. 

Here is my not so good picture of some of my cookies:

And here is a picture of Giada's cookies minus her cleavage. When I googled this, I discovered that it is a big thing (no pun intended) to post photos of her cleavage online. You can learn so much on the internet. I will never watch Giada the same. 

Baking these cookies made me realize that I was wise a couple of years back to turn off the tube, because I quickly added Ghiradhelli Bittersweet Chocolate chips to my already budgeted grocery list. 

But, I do hope to turn it to Food Network one day and find that Giada has worn something that hides her cleavage and has flour on her counter tops and marinara on her shirt! Seriously, you can not be that perfect in the kitchen. 

Carolina R. Little

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Cakelaw said...

This post made me laugh - I am not sure that I can look at Giarda the same way again either. Great looking cookies.

Dr.Sameena Prathap


The cookies look lovely...:)



Jennifer said...

This post made me laugh-especially the "without Giada's cleavage"...hilarious!!!!

Those cookies look SO good!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those cookies look SO good. Oh my. : )

Cheryl said...

Giada kills me, and those boobs are REAL! But I take consolation that she has really crappy hair, HA!