Monday, January 10, 2011

And the broom goes to....

Many of my readers (all three of you), will notice that I have not blogged in a long time. Yes, my time is not what it used to be since the addition of Baby Lilah nine months ago to my already robust family of four kids. However, that is not exactly what has kept me from putting my culinary creations online. Mainly, I just do not cook or bake the way I used to. I miss it, but with a hubby who is watching his weight and kids who sadly, I must admit, would rather eat Ramen noodles every day, I just do not make the effort very often anymore to create anything special. That is why I cook like crazy for guests or events. One day, my family will all come crawling back for my pork roasts and dessert pies, but for now, they are content with simple foods. I am learning to deal with it.

Since one of my passions is on simmer, then another one must come to full boil (that is just the way I operate). Hence, this picture:

Except in my case, I am not usually chasing a mouse, but dust bunnies. I can usually be found frantically cleaning or planning my house cleaning at any given moment. You laugh. My family isn't. I am a certified madwoman.

While it is funny sometimes, my obsession with staying on top of my house can frustrate my family, especially my husband who wishes I would just sit down and watch a movie. We have compromised by making it a t.v. show. Trust me, it takes everything in me not to move.  

I am known to have a conversation with a visitor while sweeping. I am known to talk on my phone while cleaning anything. I am known to dust, fold clothes, organize anything, and wipe down surfaces while watching t.v. If you notice me looking over your shoulder while we are talking in my house, I may reach over or past you to straighten out something that is out of place, and usually it is a picture or knick knack, not your hair. I would probably not notice a stray hair, unless it was on a knick knack.  

I can't help it. I am literally OCD when it comes to MY house. 

Before I became a stay-at-home mom (which is a mental roller coaster in itself), I enjoyed a clean house, but I usually took out my OCD at the gym or work.  I was a so-so organizer at home and some now would be surprised to know that I was actually a borderline HOARDER (until my hubby entered my life and showed me the way), usually of pantry staples and paperwork. I am still shocked to see remnants of my hoarding actually exists until this day. Since I do not have a career to kick around now, I just try to succeed in the domestic engineering department. My passion now is reading professional organizing, good housekeeping, home decorating, and domestic time management blogs and articles. Crazy, sexy stuff, I know. 

As I ring in a New Year, cleaning and organizing still hold my number priority outside my family (although, they would probably say differently). This year, while and when I can, I will change the direction of my blog to include many of the numerous tips I come across to help save time for all of us who remain busy, from cooking to cleaning, organizing and shopping. I know very few leisurely homemakers. While many of us would love to devote 100% of our time to uninterrupted errand running and cleaning, it simply does not happen. I wish! If the truth be told, most of us would hit the ground running to work outside the home if we could, as many of us once did in our former lives.

For now, I will list the Pro's I have found to this OCD (organizing, cleaning, and domestic) obsession (clever, huh?):

1) I am always prepared for company.
2) I am always active and energetic.
3) Cleaning is my workout. No joke. It keeps me fit. 
4) I am a much better organizer. Therefore, more efficient.
5) It makes me feel accomplished and proud. 

The cons? Well, lets say I will save those for another day. It is the New Year after all. But, in my humble opinion, the Pros outweigh the Cons. 

And a clean house is a happy house after all... 

Unless you ask my family.

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