Friday, January 14, 2011

You Use That For What?

Photo courtesy of  Chiot's Run
I like to find new ways to do things. But sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Here are some new tips, I mean old tips, I have gathered from Apartment Therapy New York. While I live in a house, I love reading Apartment Therapy because it helps me get creative and budget-friendly ideas for the small spaces in my house. 
In their recent Reader's Intelligence Report, they came up with this collaboration of cleaners from their subscribers:
1) Club Soda - According to princesspea, it is a miracle cleaner. She uses it to clean windows, steel appliances, chrome fixtures, glass stovetops, wall smudges, and white leather upholstery. She also claims that what club soda does not take care of, vodka will. Not that is my kind of cleaner. She has used vodka to take out pen and sharpie from white sofas! 
2) Regular Toothpaste - AngelaDee76 suggests using toothpaste to remove stubborn stains from delicate surfaces requiring non-abrasives, think tennis shoes. 
3) Liquid Dish Detergent - mdorothy recommends dish detergent for cleaning bath tubs and showers. It is great for removing body oil and soap scum.
4) Olive oil - ljpasacre uses it to  give her stainless steel appliances a shiny surface and uses a dry cloth to buff it out. 
5) Baking soda and water paste - Lizliterarius uses it to clean her tile grout and remove stains from stainless steel dishwasher. 
6) vinegar - veslabeachgirl recommends it for windows and stinky odors. Here is a link I found to help you with this
and a last one to share, but not least:
7) FLOUR - also used by veslableachgirl to shine stainless steel! 
Other affordable cleaning agents that made the list were:
Non toxic Borax 20 Mule Team
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (LOVE THEM!)
Rubbing Alcohol (interesting)
Microfiber Towels (Great gifts!)
Bar Keeper Friend  (must try soon)
Water!  (hot water does wonder for pipes)
Hope these help save you money and help your abode to sparkle and shine.
Happy Cleaning! 


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