Saturday, November 5, 2011

Easy Does It: Homemade Candy Bars

With a house full of chaos, a full-time job, and a passion for cooking and baking, the saying, "easy does it" fits right in in my household. I found this recipe somewhere last year and fell in love with it. It is easy and tastes just like a Butterfinger.

I took  a dozen to work and they were gone in minutes! Made some more for a quick dessert after work last night.

Crisp peanut butter centers covered in smooth milk chocolate.

They are so good that people will assume they were difficult to make, but they are not.  Here is the recipe:


1 Jar of Smooth Peanut Butter
1 box of graham crackers
Melting chocolate (I used bark chocolate)


 First, make small peanut butter sandwiches with graham crackers. Then, chill the sandwiches in the fridge for about 30 minutes.  Finally, dip the sandwiches in the melted chocolate using tongs or roll the sandwiches around with a fork in the melted chocolate. Place the  chocolate- covered sandwiches on wax paper until the chocolate sets.  For the swirls, dip a fork in the melted chocolate and swirl over set chocolate sandwiches. Then, let the sandwiches sit for just a little while longer until that chocolate sets. If you wish, place the now candy bars into the fridge to have icebox candy bars or eat as is. 

This is a really simple recipe with three ingredients.  These are great for an after school treat or midnight snack. However, for Christmas, I plan on making a variety filled with marshmallow creme, Nutella, and caramel, as well as, peanut butter. They are a thoughtful and inexpensive gift to make for several people, such as, coworkers and neighbors. I may even take them to my next cookie exchange.

I have been gone for a long time and have missed blogging. Now, I hope to come back more often, at least once a week, to share my fall baking and kitchen adventures with you all once again.

Happy Fall Back, everyone!

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