Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWJ: Baking With Julia's Chocolate Truffle Tart

Wow! It is crazy how crazy the week can get. Not only have I been really busy, I have been super-tired lately. I think it has been this overcast weather. I hate it! Although it is good for baking, so that is just what I did.  Please head over to the Tuesdays with Dorie site to take a look at all the tarts that were made using Julia's recipe. Our hosts are featured over there, too, and they made some really nice looking stuff.

Mine came out rather nicely, even though I refused to try to roll out the dough and just pressed it into the tart pan like I learned from Dorie Greenspan (the D in Tuesdays With Dorie) from her Sweet Tart Dough recipe.  I must admit, this recipe was not as hard as I thought it would be and I managed to make the dough after work and the filling after the next work day. It all came together just in time for my Friday night book club! The only substitution I made was using Girl Scout Thin Mints instead of the biscotti. I did not buy any biscotti and just had to wing it! It was a really good substitute, too, in my humble opinion!

Here is how it went:

Me pressing the dough into the pan. Wrapped and froze it to bake the next day.

While the crust was cooling,  I mixed the filling together. Another forgiving recipe, because I guessed on everything; the whipping of the egg yolks, measuring out chocolate, and folding. 

And with all the guessing including the baking time (filling never seemed to be set enough), miraculously everything came out just fine!

My crust was a little crumbly, but it did taste cookie-like.

It kind of looks like a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Candy. 

Overall, it was pretty good. Next time, I think I will cover it with a ganache and build up the tart edges more on the side. This dessert did taste similar to a pudding-like brownie.  I think I would have liked the crust sweeter, but I did enjoy it better the next day as it had perfectly chilled in the fridge.

Next time, I will use the biscotti and try to roll the dough out.  There is always next time and I am pretty sure I will be make this again.

Next  up for Baking With Julia is rugelach. Hhhhmmmm. That looks good, but challenging.
Next up for my blog: The Ultimate Carrot Cake! It was that good.

Happy Baking!


Heather said...

Your tart looks fantastic! I think a spread of ganache would be heaven!

Susan said...

Very nicely done! We loved this one!

Jules Someone said...

I had to press mine in as well. Loved it!

mireia badia said...

Good idea with the mints!!! And yes, there is ALWAYS a next time!

pinkstripes said...

Your tarts look great!

Elaine said...

Your tart looks beautiful. I will be making this again as well and would like to try some different variations. I really like your idea of putting some of the Girl Scout Thin mints in the tart.

Cher Rockwell said...

Fun post!
And the press the dough in the pan technique has saved my butt on more than one occasion...

Melissa said...

Your tarts came out great! The pressing idea for the dough makes it easy, I bet.
I used the biscotti, but I think they softened up too much to be noticeable.