Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cooking on Vacay is Okay By Me

A picture from our beach entrance at Seagrove Beach, Florida. 

So here is my second attempt at posting on my old food blog-again. What better time to start then on my vacation? BTW, I sincerely apologize for the bad formatting on the last blog!

This year my family and I took advantage of the low gas prices and drove past the Texas state line for vacation. We found ourselves in beautiful but busy Seagrove, Florida. Seagrove is charming. Really. But charm has a price and if you don't believe me visit a local restaurant there.

So when you are a family of 7 you really do find ways to enjoy paradise on the cheap as much as you can.
One way is to rent a place with a kitchen and find the chef inside of you. Drinking wine helps. Promise.

I love to cook so it really is more of an adventure for me. I would be stretching the truth if I said I find it easy to cook in other people's kitchens. I don't. In fact, throw me in the ocean off the beach because I feel like a fish out of water when I am cooking in a different kitchen .

On night one of our vacation, I wanted to make something different but easy, for our family dinner, so I Googled easy family dinners or something like that and found a recipe for Chicken Pillows.  This recipe is perfect for cooking in a foreign kitchen, too!

They are super easy and seriously were a hit with the family. If you followed my blog in the past, then you know I love easy dinners that don't taste like they were easy.  This recipe fits that bill.

Chicken Pillows with cream of chicken gravy and slow cooked green beans with ham flavoring.

Our first family dinner on vacay. Don' they look super happy?
I know most people don't enjoy cooking, much less on vacation, but really it is special to cook a family meal in a different place with a gorgeous backdrop. It is also fun to bake these for your family at home too.

Also you don't have to be perfect when folding and filing these up The pastry is very forgiving.
I would recommend eating these the same day. They do not taste quite the same the next day.
Also, use precooked chicken breasts or rotisserie chicken to make it even faster and easier.
I used a rotisserie chicken and it made the whole process super fast.

This way you can enjoy more beach time with the family. Happy cooking and vacationing!


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