Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yay! My hubby is coming back home today. I can not tell you how excited I am . There are no words for sure. I love to pick him up from the airport. It is a delicious experience. What I love even more is having surprises waiting for him. You know, the romantic kind. Since he has a layover in Atlanta later on, I will not divulge my surprises here. He will probably read this (Hi, Baby!)

My hubby works in a very volatile area in West Africa. In fact, he has been working on the African continent for so long, it is practically his second home. With his current job, he works over there for 5 weeks 24/7, and then comes home for some R&R&R (rest and recreation and romance) for 5 weeks 24/7. Yes, it is very hard when he is away, like sleeping alone hard, BUT it is wonderful when he is home and I can have him all to myself. Yes, I can hardly wait.

So, I do try to keep up with everything around the world. There is no better time to be a spectator of politics than now. Like I have mentioned in my profile, I am a moderate conservative. To me, this means that I am not a hard core GOP follower, but really not jumping on board with the Democrats. Although many will spit venom at me for saying this (but I am use to it, I am the only non Democrat in my circle of friends who are bleeding hearts), I really feel sorry Democrats regarding the options for Presidential candidates they have this year. It is not so much their credentials, but their personalities that seem so blight. I mean I really do not see the appeal Obama has. He does seem like a male Oprah personality (and don't even get me started on her), except stiffer and less humorous. I have said this about him since day one. He does not seem genuine and I can not believe people do not see through him. If he had gone to school with us in my old neighborhood, I do not think he would have been as accepted by it, as it seems to accept him now. Besides, it is hard to see him play basketball. Have you seen his past videos? He should just catch a game, not try to play. I am embarrassed for him. I can not believe no one has jumped on this. Hillary had more skills slamming back a shot, then he had at basketball.
For the most part, Hillary is more real than he is. I mean what you see is what you get with her. She talks toughs, acts scrappy. She is the same as we have known her. In fact, I was disappointed when she got teary-eyed a few months ago. Of course, I do not care for her politics, and like most, find her untrustworthy. I mean, most politicians will say and do what they can to be elected, but she and her husband have made it an artform.
Overall, politicians say pretty words, but they know (like most of us should be SMART enough to know) that really, they have no chance of getting most of anything they dangle out to us done, if they get elected. If congress' infrastructure does not impede their pipe dreams, then global stability will. In the end, their promises of sticking it to the rich (which will never happen since they are supported by wealth, personal and donors) or turning around an economy (which may be anemic but not third world impoverished) or just getting out of a war like ripping off a bandage, will go to the wayside, supported by excuses that they had great intentions, BUT this happened and that happened, and priorities and agendas change. They know this. They just dangle carrots out to us, so that we will vote them in and help them realize their personal ambition, which is to be the head honcho of the super power that is the U.S.A.
What should be remembered is this: Opposition in politics is good, across parties and within parties. Why? It keeps us from really falling prey to a Big Brother government. Think about it, with all the inefficiencies, disagreements, and gridlock (if you will) in our government, isn't it amazing that our economy and lifestyle is still stronger than most, recovers faster than most (think of others that don't), and enjoy a level of comfort that the rest of the world does not. Are we perfect? No. But imperfections and humanity go hand in hand. Of course, I do wonder how great things could be if we could agree to work together more, and lay aside ideological preferences, which if you strip it bare really is just people wanting it their way and to be right.
Speaking of stripping, I have to get the love nest ready for my hubby.

P.S. Is anyone else out there tired of hearing the words Super Delegate or the phrase Yes, we can! ? And Reverend Wright, please shut the hell up!

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