Monday, April 28, 2008

There is Always Next Year (sports)

Every sports fan takes this saying to heart. In a matter of 48 hours, I went from elated to deflated. On Friday night, the Mavericks and Stars won. On Saturday and Sunday, the Cowboys did a great job of drafting. Then, on Sunday night, the Mavs did what they do best, eff'd up! Yes, the Stars kicked Shark ass, but the Mavs got schooled on their own turf.
This is the time where I am supposed to break down the game, while I keep rubbing my head and bitching about how stupid the Mavs are. I could go on to say I do not understand why they keep trying to shoot when they need to drive the ball in more, why Dirk can not seem to stay consistently strong, why we never got a good big man to control the center, why they can not make their easy shots (basics, basics, basics). I can also go on from here and ask where does the genius of Coach Avery go during the playoffs or why can't Jason Kidd deliver on his multi million dollar deal. To make it worse, I could even say that I believe Devon Harris would play better against this Hornets team, because he had speed and heart. He would drive it in. The Mavericks simply are a good team in a huge market. They have good players with good coaches. This adds up to mediocrity, especially in the Western Conference. They get outplayed, outcoached, because they play with no heart and flat footed talent. The only way they could get away with this is by having a great player like Kobe. One great player can lead his good team almost as well, as a team with a good front three, such as, and it PAINS me to admit this, the Spurs. The Spurs and the Lakers are in a league of their own.
I know you are all wondering, why do people like you get so wrapped up into sports? I know how it must seem to non sports addicts. We must look crazy, pathetic even. To get all worked up over people we don't know season after season. How we use phrases like "what we have to do" or "we play on..." when we are talking about our teams. This is telling enough. In truth, we do live through them, we do pin our hopes and dreams on them. We wish we could play like them. When they win, we win. When they lose, well, we take it hard. Next year is a long time to wait, especially when you have exhausted your emotional reserves. The truth is they need us just as much if not more, because their dreams of greatness can not come true without fanatics like me funding the dreams. Of course, it would probably be healthier not to become so involved, but the t.v. would miss us screaming at it and we would miss the excitement and the hope that proceeds every game, every season.
So, now that it seems more than likely that the Mavs will face yet another first round ousting in the playoffs, what next? Football. Well, once again, the whole routine ensues, just a different sport, a different team, with its own issues and promises. Yeah, the draft went pretty well, damn well, but that does not guarantee anything, especially with candy ass Romo at the helm. I mean it was forgivable that he nervously crashed and burned the first time around in the playoffs, but this past year was not. What a slap in the face to his team, organization, and fans to so stupidly become involved with an even stupider prospect right in the thick of the season! Just the other day, I was talking to a fellow Dallas Teams fan. We began talking about the recent highlights of our teams. Like most girls who are avid sports fans, I tried to leave the catty elements out to not seem girly. so I prefaced my comments on Romo with, " I mean I know it is probably not entirely her fault that he sucked lemons at the end, but..." To which he responded, of course it was her fault. Whew! Let the floodgates open! The rest of my part of the conversation went something like this, "I can not stand that stupid skank. Out of all the girls he could have all the times he could have chosen to get his willie wet... out of all the times he chose to get involved, lose focus, get pussy whipped, and he chose the most intense moment of football. Talk about poor timing. Couldn't he have said, "Okay, Jess, I will hook up with you after the season. I promise to call you AFTER I lead my team to a Super Bowl Win and earn my multi million dollar paycheck!" I mean I do not give an armadillo's ass that she is Texan, which I hate!!! And I hate it even more that now every time she is photographed she is wearing a Dallas Cowboy Cap. To add insult to injury, she probably gets all her NFL shit free from the PR department. I do not remember her ever supporting the team (as Texan as she claims to be) before she started banging our QB. In fact, I remember watching her roll her eyes at Nick Lachay when he was watching football while they were married. Now, all of a sudden, she is a football faithful. "
I mean Reggie Bush gives the Saints Fan a sassy, smart, sexy Kim Kardashian. We get the stupid, skanky, flakey, Jessica Simpson. And notice, Kim is not stupidly parading around Saints caps all the time to flaunt she is banging Bush!
See, no matter how much of a sports fan I can be, I still remember my catty girl roots.
I did not even expand on my dislike for the Spurs for reasons other than being the Mavs numero uno rival, such as Tim Duncan's whining and bug eyes get on my nerves, Tony Parker is funny looking with his big head and his girl can be a bitch, and Manu Ginobli gets on my nerves, because this girl I could not stand loved him and I hate the bald spot on his head, which I know is really wrong of me.
Very Wrong!

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