Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Very Long Blog

Well, the month of May has historically been a chaotic one for almost everyone's household who has kids and any form of extended family relations. May is the month where you see your bank account dwindle. First, there are graduation gifts, end of season parties, last minute doctor's appointments, end of school parties, and buying parting gifts for teachers, school personnel, bus drivers, scout leaders, volunteers, blah blah blah. Our family is no exception to this chaos and money sucking month. In fact, we not only have to celebrate two birthdays (james and savannah), but we also manage to add a grueling move, two birthday cake projects due on the same day, driver's ed for"the mouth", a baby shower, and a VERY pregnant and moody woman (me) to the mix. Gabe and I have been hot, testy, and have gone from moments to elation to feeling just down right sorry for ourselves! Today, we decided to play hookey from unpacking boxes and cleaning and just go to watch a movie to be mindless and carefree for a while. So, what movie do two children from the 80's go see? You guessed it, the new Indiana Jones movie. I think it is safe for me to say (with Gabe's support) for all of you to SAVE your money! Use it to go towards your graduation gifts or something. I will not give much away except some good things should just be left a lone. To me, this movie made Indiana Jones seem more like King Solomon's Mines (the awful movie with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone) genre and that is just not the way it was. However, I really loved being in the theater, next to Gabe, escaping with him while resting my head on his shoulder and munching on popcorn and M&M's, sometimes together. Then, we went to a new dive and ate a huge BBQ lunch with fried pickles, chopped beef, pulled pork, sausage, fries, and fried okra. We will definitely have to take my in laws there! Of course, it was not healthy, but we were on a roll. We also had my 32 week doctor's appointment. We got to see Gabriela again today! My has she grown. She is huge. She already had turned head down which explains why I feel more of her movements all over and more intensely. I get a lot of Braxton Hicks now and walk very funny because of her big ole head. But, I must say, she is a beauty. I could tell by the Ultrasound that she has my lips and Gabe's nose. Gabe could not make any of this out to save his life, but we all could. The doctor and I kept pestering Gabe about how he could not make the images out that were so obvious to us. My poor baby. Oh, well, we have another picture of her which Gabe will put up for all of us. Anyway, the doctor order me on one year's bed rest and no house work. Too bad, he was just playing. We had a great jolly visit. I even let Gabe go peruse the nearby Best Buy to cap off our excellent day. I,of course, stayed in the car and read yet another magazine that I stole from the Doc's office. I think I have a problem.

Okay, well the house looks like a house now. The bedrooms look like normal rooms. We have a few "hidden items" to unpack still, but as long as they stay hidden, the house looks nice. I love my kitchen. Our neighbors are VERY friendly. The boys are outside more than inside, playing with the mass of little girls on our block! We tried to have a dog play date for Rocky with the other neighborhood dogs. Let's just say, it was not a huge success. But, we are all happy, exhausted, but excited to be in our new home. Did I mention that I love my kitchen???

Although I did not care for the new Indy movie, Harrison Ford was still awesome. I just wanted to throw that in there.

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