Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Waiting Game

So here I am, awake before I should be. Normally, I get up around 7:00 a.m. Today, I had to get up early to decorate yet another cake that is not turning out the way it should. I am on cake number two. Yesterday, I had a request to decorate a cake for an office birthday party. Although it was short notice, I knew it was a good opportunity and at the time it seemed like a simple request for a very simple cake. When I put my cake in at 4 p.m.ish, the electricity went out. Just my luck. Even though it set me behind, I still had plenty of time to work with. The cake still baked with the heat stored in the oven. It came out perfectly. Then, I went to level it. That is where everything went downhill. My leveler is dull and butchered my cake. No matter what I did, the cake just could not be salvaged, even though it tasted great. I decided to bake another one. A big mistake. I should have listened to my pregnant body barometer and call it a night. However, I was determined to salvage most of my evening and try to catch up on time. First, I had not been feeling good at all the whole day. I was tired from running errands. My feet were tired and hot, my legs were beginning to throb. I was hot and tired. I should have not forced my body to stand up and bake another cake and prepare another batch of butter cream icing, but I did. I continued to make mistake after mistake, mess after mess. Now, at 6:30 a.m. in the morning, I am still trying to salvage cake two, so it can be ready for today. You see, last night, I had forgotten to set the thermostat from off on the oven to 350F when I had decided to redo the cake. The cake sat in the oven at a warm temperature for over 20 minutes, before I realized my mistake. The cake did not bake very well at all. Now, I am fighting a crumbly cake. I am on crumb coating number two, to set the crumbs in on the cake, to keep them from showing through the final coating.
I am still tired. I am still trying to force the issue.
This is the story of my life. Even in college, I tried to study when I was too exhausted to be productive and overwhelmed and stressed the next day.
You would think I would learn. Some habits are just too hard to break.

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