Saturday, June 28, 2008

O.k. from everything I have been reading, there are three great ways to decorate your house on a budget: 1) ask people for things you need that they may want to give to you or know of someone who may 2) garage sales 3) thrift stores

I am obsessed with reading decorating budgeting blogs and frugal shopping. In my enthusiasm, I have discovered the professionals and the “closet-cases” coming out now that it is IN to be thrifty. I am rejuvenated and excited. This is a great world. You can be creative, challenge and conquer, and come out smelling like inexpensive potpourri roses!

Yesterday, Justin and I had a very busy day. We started at the Goodwill very early. I have posted pictures of our finds, along with a great table my sissy-in-law gave me! She also gave us a great crib and a dresser that once belonged to her Grandma. I will take pictures of these later when I have them situated just right, but they are perfect additions to our nursery.

O.k. as many of you have noticed, Gabriela Sophia will be arriving soon, 23 days! I had my first weekly appointment yesterday. All looks good still. It seems just like yesterday that we found out we were expecting. Now, she is almost here. Wow!

My sissy is coming to visit me this weekend. I plan on taking her out early on Saturday to join us frantic Garage Salers or we may just go to Trader’s Village. The possibilities are endless, especially since Gabe just got paid!

p.s. did you know that you can buy coupons off of ebay? Not surprising I guess since you can buy toast that looks like the Pope on there, too.

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