Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

What a last few weeks it has been! With school starting and my hubby leaving to go to work, I just keep trucking through the days with this "new baby fog" condition. At least, that is what my baby book calls it. I have to make a joke of it, because if I did not, then it would just be down right frustrating all the time. I literally write down a long list of things I need to do starting with "brush your teeth". I have to do this in order to remember every little thing that must be or should be done. Half my battle is remembering to write anything down. The other half is doing it. According to my baby book and my past experiences with newborns, this is temporary. I hope. What is a new experience for me is breast feeding. I am totally in awe of it. I mean I can not believe that the years of running and eating healthily can be challenged by a fatty diet and breast feeding. I eat pretty much whatever I want right now and I still keep losing weight. I now know what it must feel like to have a kick ass metabolism. I am not looking forward for this "to-good-to-be-true" event to end. Then, I will actually have to give up ice cream and start exercising.
This week, I have been totally absorbed in politics. I had been keeping up with everything on a very light basis up until now. However, the DNC convention consumed me as the Olympics did so many,including me towards the end. I watched the convention with much scrutiny and observation. I must admit I have often waited for the commentary Cliff's Notes on the conventions, but this year I feel compelled to watch both. The candidates this year are simply more exciting. This election year is simply (or not so simply) unfolding as a soap opera. How savory. I am glued to Fox News. Looking back on this election years from now, one thing will be certain no matter who wins is that the glass ceiling has definitely been broken in a very significant and intense way. From now on, it will be less sensational for women and minorities to be considered as probable candidates, not long shots or kisses of death,for high ranking positions. Although, I will be goose pimply the first time I see a Hispanic running for President. I can definitely say that if his(or hers) policies are not in line with mine I will not vote for him (or her), but it would be something to witness. I still think it is crazy how people believe that one candidate will deliver in four to eight years all that they say they will. To me, what every candidate, even in my party, really is doing is delivering a Wish List. You know like the one in the Sears Catalog. Or better yet, a New Years Resolution that will definitely have to be redone over and over again each year, because it fell to the wayside. Or even really better yet, they sound like my uncles who I grew up who blew hot air smelling of whiskey and beer as they told tall tales and beat their chest in rapid succession. The candidates are simply playing to our hopes and fears, gambling pretty much like fishermen that we will bite on their bait. And we do. I do. I watch them deliver their grandiose speeches and find myself critiquing their delivery and prose. I wait and drool for any kind of scandal or set back that may occur within the week for any candidate. Sure, in the end, I do find that one yahoo better suits my American Ideology than the other and vote for him, but I never really believe that he will do all that he says he will or can relate to my day to day. I mean does he really know how it feels to cut coupons, experience the high of not paying full price, and buy on clearance? None of them do. But to be fair, I know they can not deliver for many reasons and not just indifference. Politics is more like sports than people will admit. Their is always a home team and a visiting team, fans and opponents in the stands, with plenty of game plans and strategy to go around.However, football is far more entertaining and believable. Speaking of football, I am so excited that the season start very soon in a little less than two weeks. Out comes the few NFL shirts I own. Go Cowboys!
Today, I had a major coupon victory. I will write soon on some new "Thrify is Nifty" material, but for now, I will just share with you my coupon celebration. My birthday is in August. I still had my Red Robin Birthday gift coupon to use. Here is what I paid for a Gourmet hamburger with unlimited fries and a coffee. My good friend accompanied me and used hers as well. We ended up paying $6 for a $20 meal. It was a great experience. I love Red Robin. They have excellent promotions and customer service. So be sure to sign up on your favorite places websites to earn rewards for being a customer!It really will save you money on entertainment. Well, that's all for now, folks. I will return soon.

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