Saturday, October 25, 2008

Caking It On!

Last night, my daughter and I started decorating three cakes. Now, let me start off by saying that she is naturally gifted at such things. I, however, am not. It takes  me classes. It takes her just one demo, then she takes off and running with it! I admire her natural talent.
Here are the pictures of the cakes. Savannah did the Casper Cake from beginning to end. She baked, carved, crumb coated, and decorated it. Next time, I will have her make the buttercream frosting and colors. I did the Smiling Jack o'Latern one. We both tackled the Spiderman Cake. This was a challenging cake. It is for my good friends' litte boy's second birthday party. I had several ideas for this cake. I even bought the small Wilton Spiderman cake pan.  I ended up not using it and tried a varied version of a demo I saw on Youtube.  I was in a bind though. I could not find a cake box and board big enough to present the cake. The board is used for extra space to add borders to a decorated cake, as well as, carry the cake on. I was unable to add bottom borders to my cake without risking smashing the cake from lifting. Once again, I was upset with Hobby Lobby for not carrying boxes and boards big enough for the cake pans they sell.   I also do not have a strong free-hand style, so I struggled with decorating Spiderman. Next time, I will try using fondant for him. I have never used it, but for a small scale project, buying it from the store would be okay. Luckily, my daughter had a great free-hand, so she finished the details for me and even did the writing!
Well, I still have some dishes to do from last night. I will get them right after I finish my ghetto mochachino. It is so good.

Ghetto Mochachino
cup of very hot coffee (leftover coffee is the best)
one well rounded tbs of hot chocolate
one generous splash of heavy cream

Add above ingredients together and stir. Really rich and creamy.

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