Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turkey Thyme!

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So, it is that time again. Yes, you know the time. Time for baking and incorporating ginger, pumpkin, cinammon, and comfort food back into your family meals. I am going to try new recipes, especially since we have decided to vamp up the traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. So far, the plan is to do a turkey lasagna and a pumpkin pie cheesecake, with cream cheese frosting. We need ideas for the complementary fixin's. I went to my Everday with Rachel Ray magazine (November 2008 edition, page 106, Thirty Minute Meal) for INSPIRATION. Not only did I find it, but I also found a new dinner to make for mi familia. Drum roll please.
Turkey Thyme Meatloaf Patties with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
Talk about jazzing up a traditional meal. I love the whole thing. It is simple, easy, hearty, thrifty, and great to present. I will use my Ginormous Star Decorating Tip to pipe the Mashed Potatoes around the Patties. My boys will love that! I will make this before the week's end and photograph the experience. I will also tell you how easy it was or wasn't. I think it will be easy though. Ah, the joy of cooking.
I am also baking and decorating a Spiderman Sheet Cake for my friends' son 2nd birthday and making one (or 2) Fall Festival cakes for this weekend. My daughter will also be tackling a cake as well to present at the festival. I think she has chosen a Candied Corn design. Should be fun. Hit or miss, we will present all the pics and tell the tale.
Quick Tip for the Day:
All you coffee drinkers add one heaping tablespoon of hot chocolate (plain or flavored) and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon to your ground coffee BEFORE your brew. It is a simple but flavorful way to jazz up your coffee. It smells great, too. You can omit one or the other if you are not crazy about cinnamon or hot chocolate.
Happy Baking All!!! I need more coffee.

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