Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edna, Texas

Today's posting does not come from I-45. It comes from a trip taken down HWY 59. The destination: Edna, Texas. I met up with my twin sister and her family to pick up my nieces for an early vacation in good ole H-Town.  We met in a little city called, Edna, population, 5, 000 something people.  We decided early on to stop and eat. When I drove in, I called my sis to tell her that I saw signs for a restaurant called Palmetto's.  That is where we decided to hunker down and eat.

Palmetto's reflects its hometown, simple and small. The menu has good ole comfort food and the staff is very friendly, the Texas way.  The tables are close together, made of old, sturdy wood. The tables are simply laid out with plastic maroon tablecloths and the decorations are old Texas Landscape pictures, with some older wooden bulky furniture thrown in.  It has a very laid back atmosphere, no pretention, all small town Texas.  The locals were there. We even had local officers sitting down right next to our table. Of course, the waitress knew them and everyone in there seemed to know eachother, except us. I am pretty sure they pegged us for outsiders right away, but were nice to us all the same. I will even bet the little old man who kept banging a chair against my chair to move it out without saying excuse me, really did not mean to be rude, but was just used to getting his way, cause he has lived long enough to earn that right. We laughed.

So, my verdict. I ordered a medium rare Ribeye, and a fully loaded baked potato, fixin's on the side (bacon bits, shredded American cheese, sour cream, and butter), with trip to salad bar included.  I started off with weak, but hot coffee.  Then, I moved on to lukewarm chicken noodle soup that was a little bland,  but definitely homemade. The noodles were thick and doughy. I liked them, very dumpling tasting.  My ribeye was slightly seasoned, and much to my appreciation, medium rare.  It is hard to get restaurants to cook steaks that way.  The dinner rolls were very good, but not generously handed out, no refilling of basket. Then, I topped it all off with a very delicious and rich chocolate pie that my daughter shared with me.  It was definitely fresh, and not frozen.  Overall, I would say it was not a bad place to eat, if you are just wanting "no bells and whistles" kind of food. The meal was reasonable. My ribeye was $13.99 for everything, excluding the coffee. The kids meals included the drinks and costed $2.99, not bad for a restaurant meal. The waitress had the whole section to herself. She was not the fastest, but very nice, and served us pretty okay.  The cashiers were very sweet.  All in all, not a bad little place to sit down and rest and not worry about the kids breaking anything expensive or having to act like anything other than kids.

On another note, I will be attempting to bake tonight and prepare pie filling for my Tuesdays With Dorie challenge. I also have a cake to post that I decorated over the weekend. I am just waiting for some additional pictures that may or may not come! 

I would also like to give a shout out to my hubby! Thank you for taking such a loving interest in my hobbies. He is responsible for my blog always being reinvented. You could say he is my own personal site decorator.  He does this half a world away and under such crazy working circumstances. I love you baby, and can hardly wait for you to come home!


Dragana said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog. Awesome job, Gabe! This Momma across the street can't wait for you to come home either, so you can help her set up her own blog! Dragana.

Mike Terry said...

thanks for checking out my blog. This post jumped out at me, Edna is my mother's name. The half pecan/pumpkin looks dangerous, i honestly am not satisfied sitting in my bed blogging anymore, i just have this urge to bake...thanks alot.
great posts.