Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Night Treats

Okay, so last night we had a girl's movie night that ended up being crashed by the guys. This just goes to show our men can not live without us. My hubby was not one of the crashers, since he is working, but I know he would have been if he had been available!

We had GMN (girl's movie night) at my friend's house. She had given me the recipe for one of the desserts I made for this special occasion. I had never made it before and decided to surprise her. Well, the surprise was on me. It was not as easy as I thought it was. It might have been, but I am not too frozen dessert savvy, although I can make a mean ice cream cake.

The recipe for Kraft's Strawberry Whipped Sensation calls for the loaf pan to be lined with foil. My first thought was parchment paper. Looking back, I wish I had used it. I think it would have made the transfer easier in the end. 

Another improvement I would have made on the recipe was to use at least double the Oreo cookies. The recipe called for 8. I used 20. I needed this many to cover the entire dessert area. At first, I DID not crush the cookies fine enough. I think the recipe could have been a little more specific. It should have suggested that the cookies be chopped in a blender or food processor. I ended smashing them inside a quart Ziploc bag with a mortar and pestle. This was fun, practical, but not the best way! 

Anyway, if you decide to try this recipe out, I highly recommend creating a very fine cookie coating. Then, maybe eight cookies would be enough to create a fine cookie coating for the bottom of the dessert. However, I think most people want a generous bottom (haha), so I think doubling the cookies would be okay.

Lastly, since I had to drive almost 35 minutes to my GMN destination, the dessert had time to sweat, even in the cooler, and I had to refreeze it to help it fall out of the pan. Even with the extra freeze, it was still difficult to get out. I had to bang on the bottom with an ice cream scooper and slide a knife along the sides. Eventually, the dessert fell out (to many cheers) and I was able to frost it. I used the left over whipped cream (and then some), but the loose cookie crumbs fell in. So, in my pics, you can see crumbs on white. If I had more cookies, I could have crushed them and disguised it, but no. Also, I tried to cover the whole dessert with whipped cream. I probably should have just done the top, or maybe not. We do love our sweets. No "Less is More" here!

To sum up, the dessert should be nice and frozen before serving, use parchment paper, and finely grind cookies. Overall, the dessert was great and a hit! My first attempt may not have been pretty and a little troublesome, but definitely tasted great. By the way, I used fat free whipped cream, low fat Oreos, and low fat condensed milk. Hello, it was girl's night. And since I had been tipped off that the guys might crash, I did make another dessert,chocolate cake. I used this recipe for the ganache topping. This is the third time I have used it and I think it is the best ganache recipe so far!

Here are the pictures from my trial and error. Hope you enjoy!

BTW, Sex and the City is still funny the third time you have watched it. We also watched Hard to Hold, the 80's chick flick. Ah, what were we thinking? I mean the clothes, the acting! It must have been Rick Springfield.

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