Saturday, March 21, 2009

POst #105: We All Scream For Ice Cream

Happy Spring Everyone! We are enjoying very nice weather here in H-Town. It is absolutely perfect. Well, today, my wonderful man left to go make us some money. I am sad, but am happy to share this video we made for my food blog before he left. He is introducing me to a new medium to help me share my food quests with you, so please entertain my humble new beginning into video land. Now, I will have to struggle with editing video.  Oh, well, it will be fun.

Tomorrow, I will post my recent cakes and chicken enchilada casserole.

Please let me know what you think about the following Ice Cream Cake video, and yes, constructive criticism is appreciated!

So, to recap from the video, it can be simply put as this:

1) Layer a cooled cake or any premade cake.
2) In a parchment paper-lined pan, add bottom cake layer, then top with softened ice cream, then continue until done with layers. Think lasagna.
3) Set ice cream cake in freezer for an hour or two.
4) Remove cake and frost it with whipped cream and toppings.
5) Freeze cake for an additional hour or so.
6) Set cake out for 20 minutes or so before serving.

I was gonna take a picture of the sliced cake to present to you, but it is already gone! So, I guess it was a success.

Have a wonderful Saturday! We are headed to the park.


Sara said...

Great video! My brother has been trying to get me to add video to my blog, I haven't had the time to consider it yet :)

Christina Kim said...

Great idea with the video! You are a natural in front of the camera. I love your Sandra-Lee-Semi-Homemade style of ice cream cake. I'm sure for a busy mom like you, it's much easier to get pre-made things at the grocery store. Your daughter is adorable! Keep up the great blog!

Hayley said...

Fun video! I'm craving ice cream cake now...

Sorry I haven't been around as much recently, but I can see you've been up to lots of yummy stuff!!!

Mermaid Sweets said...

Great job with the video, you were a natural! I hate myself on video, so I don't think it was for me. I hear you on the hubby leaving, mine travels alot, but he's so wonderful that it is worth it.

Cheryl said...

You are adorable and I love that cake!

Life with Kaishon said...

Ummmmmmmmm, this sounds too fanstastic for words : ). I can't hear anything on my computer right now so I can't listen to you, but you look cute while you are explaining everything : ).

Melissa said...

I've never made a real ice cream cake. It sounds good and easy! I like the video!

Melissa said...

You could be on America's Next Food Network Star. :) Doing the video was such good idea, it adds some variety!The cake sounds delish!

Anonymous said...

I finally had time to watch your video! Very neat! And the ice-cream cake sounds really yummy!