Friday, May 29, 2009

Post #129: Camo Cake

A few weeks back, I had the honor of making a cake for my good friend, Rick's, birthday. His wife requested a camo cake. I love it when my friends request a potentially high request cake for my future customers (my hubby hopes). First, it gives me the push to try something different. Secondly, it allows me to create without the added pressure of customer dissatisfaction. My friends appreciate the effort and that the cake is FREE, but of course I still stress out a little (hubby rolls his eyes).

So here is a picture of my first fondant camo cake.

From CamoCake

I made a marshmallow fondant recipe. I used Jet Puft swirled marshmallows (offered for a limited time only). Well, first let me tell you that I was going for a sandy camouflage look that I saw on my son's cargo shorts. When I saw the Jet Puft swirled marshmallows, I knew they would give me the sand color right away without having to dye it. When I rolled it out, I added patches of different colored fondant that I made ahead of time, dyed with Kelly Forest green. Then, I rolled these into the rolled out base fondant. When I had the finished fondant rolled out to the length I needed to cover the cake, I transferred it on top of the cake, trimmed it, then smoothed it out. Once this was done, I sprayed it with the Wilton Black Color Mist. This darkened the color of the fondant and brought out extra shades and tones that delivered a stronger camouflage effect.

While the result was not bakery perfect, I was happy with my first attempt at camo. Now, I know I can make it the next time even better with minor modifications. The boys will love it!