Monday, June 1, 2009

Aloha Birthday Cake

It is that time of year again. "Fun in the Sun" time. I have always found a sense of renewal and freedom with the ringing in of summer. For me, rejuvenation has always come with the beams of the sun, some would say, heat stroke and skin cancer, but I am deaf to those claims.

So my dearest little neighbor, Aubrey, had her belated birthday party this past Sunday. She asked if I would make her birthday cake (she is a big fan of mine). How could I say no? I couldn't, especially when I found out her party theme was Hawaiian. I love that theme. It is easy, fun, bright, and sunny. Anything that promotes the tropics is number one on my list!

Here is what I came up with. Once again, my lovely daughter was my assistant.

From Aloha Birthday Cake

I made a yellow cake (Duncan Hines, the only cake mix IMHO) and frosted it with a tangy peach color (used Orange dye paste) that was flavored with banana extract. I also set aside the some white base frosting and dyed it violet (used Violet dye paste). Instead of wasting a sunny day away making decorative flowers, I simply used plastic store-bought leis. I used one string of flowers to create a border around the cake. Then, I removed flowers from the leis and created different floral arrangements with them. I also used several flowers to fill in spaces along the border.

From Aloha Birthday Cake

I adhered all the flowers with dots of frosting and added centers to them using a # 3 tip with violet frosting. I also used a # 3 tip to write Happy 11th Birthday, but wish I had gone to a # 2. Then, I would have been able to write the name in as well. Oh, well, next time. I decorated the cake board with cake board wrap and added stickers along the board for extra color and whimsy.

Once again,I took a mediocre picture, but I thought it came out okay, considering I was carrying a fussy 10-month old baby in one arm and the camera in the other! The cake looked much better in person.

I am told that my pre-teen friend had a great party and that she and her friends loved the cake.

It is always great to be a part of someone's special memories.


5 Star Foodie said...

You're so wonderful to make this cake for your neighbor! It's gorgeous and I love the beautiful flowers!

Leslie said...

Another cute cake! You are so talented!

Linda said...

So cute and creative! You are a good friend to make this for your neighbor!

Teanna DiMicco said...

I am a big fan of yours, too! Will you make me a cake???

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! I love that cake!!!

Carol Peterman said...

How festive and pretty! It looks like you are on a birthday cake making roll.

Julie said...

I love the beautiful!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you did that for her. You are the sweetest! The absolute sweetest!

Mermaid Sweets said...

What a beautiful cake - sounds delicious.