Monday, June 8, 2009

Post #132: If You Can't Take the Heat...

Get into the kitchen. At least, you still have AC there.

It is getting unbelievably hot here in Texas. Nothing unusual. What is unusual is that I have become very cry babyish about it. Soft, some would call it around these parts.
I must be finally feeling my age. I used to really not care if it was hot, especially if I was near water and in a swim suit with cold beverages in the background and a grill nearby. Now, I am preferring the indoors just a little more than I used to, but I still love the sun when it is not a blaring 90F outside with 20% humidity, which is not often and usually occurs in the EARLY parts of the morning. When we wake up here, it is already in the mid 70's. By the time you fix your coffee, it is already about to hit the 80F. You really feel it by 11:00 a.m.

The good news is that I am starting to feel more energetic. The bad news is that our AC gave out on Saturday. The service man just now came out. For a few seconds, the cool air streamed in, but now it is gone. I guess he has hit a glitch. The baby is crying.

Calgon, please, take me away.

Okay, well I have to go. I will be back to post some foodie stuff and to browse over what my peeps have been doing.

I would love to give a shout out to Peggy from Pantry Revisited. A while ago, I was lucky enough to win her "Pay It Forward" giveaway (which I will do this week as well)! Here is what I found waiting for me when I came back from visiting my grandmother this weekend (this is another story full of conversation and food).

From Peggy's Gift

"Pay It Forward" giveaways give you the chance to make something special for your winners. If you win, you have to return the gesture to others out there in Blogtopia.
Peggy worried that the chocolate covered espresso beans would not fare well in the heat, but they arrived safely and intact! They are delicious. I have had to fend off would-be-thieves from them. She also said in her enclosed note that the towel did not come out as she had hoped. I think the towel is truly awesome and it is my favorite above all others. It brought me a smile when I needed it most.

It is always exciting to have a package waiting for you in the mail.

Tomorrow is TWD's challenge. Wish me luck.


Cheryl said...

Good luck getting that AC fixed. I find the older I get the less I can take the heat!

Ginger said...

I hope that your AC gets fixed fast! I love the concept of Pay It Forward! The coffee beans sound delicious.

Leslie said...

Yikes, no AC in Texas must be awful! We don't have AC at home but it cools off nicely in the evening and we don't have humidity. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hope your AC is fixed soon! In Chicago it was so cold this weekend, about 50 degrees, and I was absolutely freezing without a jacket but nice and warm back in DC.

Melissa said...

Good Luck on the challenge! :)

Barbara Bakes said...

Sorry your AC went out. It's definitely one of things I can't live without either. Hopefully, you're back to being cool!

Life with Kaishon said...

No AC? Are you kidding me? I started sweating just thinking about it! : (.