Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post #145: Tuesday With Dorie: Mixed Berry Blanc Manger

From Raspberry Blanc Manger

What can I say? I tried. This dessert seemed pretty easy to make. I was even excited that my food processor ground my almonds nicely, but I guess that was not enough. They fell to the bottom of the mold! I am sure I messed up on one simple step, boiling the water. Well, not the water, but the milk mixture. It happened like this.

I could hear the baby crying upstairs, my hubby was outside playing catch with our son, and I had the milk mixture on just waiting to boil. There were some bubbles. Maybe, that was "boiling" enough and all the sugar had dissolved. I will just add the gelatin, remove the pot, then go get the baby. Uh, oh! You have to keep stirring until the milk mixture cools! I forgot about that. Baby keeps crying. I am sweating and stirring. Then, my hubby walks in. Thank, God! My hero.

Okay, just go with it. Just keep on and hope that the mixture will work anyway. My variations to this recipe were:

1) Added in lemon extract (will add more next time!)
2) Added raspberries and blackberries
3) Added 3/4 cups of sugar (trying to cut calories)
4) Added a mixture of whole milk and skim milk (once again, cutting calories)

From Raspberry Blanc Manger

Well, this dessert was good. It tasted like whipped cream with nuts. It did not taste as fancy as I thought it would considering the name, which my husband loves to say cause he can. Next time I make it, I will add in only lemon extract to boost the raspberries. I will also use whole milk. Maybe not having enough body from milk fat also contributed to my almonds not staying in suspension! This is the ex-chemist in me talking. I could be wrong. Although, it would be the first time. Just kidding.

The second. The first time was when I thought I was wrong, but was right!

Okay, well I have to get ready to conquer the day. We have a lot to do before we head to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. That will be an 18-hour drive with the kids. We are cheating and dropping the baby off with her auntie and the eldest daughter has CHOSEN to stay and work, so it will be us with two elementary school-aged boys. Let the adventure begin!

For those of you who have been to the Grand Canyon, please share your advice and how-to's and must see's. Love to hear them all!

Thanks to Susan for choosing this easy recipe. Next time I will place this dessert on a yellow cake. Think that will be nice!


Nicole said...

Sorry about your almonds sinking to the bottom. I used 1% milk and it was ok. I think the trickiest step was the gelatin and maybe adding something went wrong there. I also ground my almonds at home since I wouldn't pay $10 for almond flour. It worked out well and I was happy that I spend $2 and not $10!

Clivia said...

Yours looks delicious. I love the presentation. Next time I'll try adding some lemon extract to boost the flavour.
Well done!

Barbara Bakes said...

We took our boys to the Grand Canyon a few years ago and had a wonderful time. It really is amazing!

isabelle said...

Yours looks beautiful!
Lovely presentation!
Nice job!

vibi said...

Hey! Apparently you tried nicely... cause it looks pretty darn great from here!

I can imagine though, trying to boil milk when tending to a baby... hu... two babies! LOL LOL

Althoug you don't seem to think so... I find it very beautiful! Plus, the almond sinkind to the bottom gives it a new dimension, just as if it was ment to be done that way!

Cheryl said...

Wow never even heard of such a thing, it sure looks pretty and I bet it tasted good too!

Have a great trip, I still have not been there!

Anonymous said...

It looks nice! The lemon sounds like a great addition to this recipe.

I went to the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I'd say to be sure to stop at all the different lookout points because it really does look different from each spot. Also since you're driving, pack a lot of food - it's really expensive in the park!

Carol Peterman said...

It's really hard to bake with distractions. If I try to divide my attention between a recipe and anything else I generally get into trouble. I think your blanc-manger looks lovely speckled with almonds.

Melissa said...

Even the the almonds sunk, it still looks pretty, and yummy!

Teanna DiMicco said...

Your changes sound great! I'm all about healthier desserts!! Have a great trip!!!!!

Debbie said...

It does look impressive. I hate it when the taste didn't measure up to my expectations.

Mermaid Sweets said...

Great job, I chickened out and was too busy at work. It looks great. cudos. Sorry I have been MIA, hope all is well.

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous about your trip to the Grand Canyon. I really want to go!

I thought my blanc manger tasted kind of like oatmeal with cream and berries. No one else has mentioned that, so I guess that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the almonds sunk! I love that you used mixed berries.

Susan @ SGCC said...

Sorry you had issues with this. Love your Blanc-Manger anyway! It looks lovely! Well done!

Life with Kaishon said...

I have never been to the Grand Canyon but I have been thinking of you and your trip all week and hoping it is very amazing : ) How could it not be? The GRAND Canyon? : )

Jennifer said...

I think your blanc manger looks fabulous! Hope you have a great time in the Grand Canyon...I would make recommendations, but I've never been...I'm sure it will be the trip of a lifetime!!!!

Leslie said...

I can just picture you, torn between the crying baby and the blanc-manger. I'm so impressed that you ground your own almonds...I'm too lazy for that! At least you know what didn't work this time and you have a plan for next time! This was a delicious dessert that I hope to make again.