Thursday, August 13, 2009

Post #153: Julie Powell, I found her blog and commented!

Today while I was supposed to be folding laundry while my hubby was out running errands and the baby was snoozing,  I decided to catch up some more on my food blogs instead. What did I come across, but the link to Julie Powell's blog on Blogher. Julie Powell, as my fellow foodies will know, is the Julie from the new movie, Julie and Julia, based on Julie Powell's experience cooking recipes from Mrs. Child's cookbook (Mastering the Art of French Cooking), actually her mission to cook all the recipes (over 500) in a year's time. I actually commented on a couple of her recent posts. Pretty neat.

While I was not as smitten with the movie as most, I did think it was cute. Being a fellow blogger, I was more interested in reading her blog. Of course her blog reflects the sentiments of the movie. One occuring theme is Republicans are BAD. Well, I do not label my conservative self as such, but to my liberal friends (whom I LOVE dearly and they know it), we are lumped in the same bunch.  Well, I am friends with all, except truly mean, selfish, and evil people. I listen to all sides (thanks to 4 years in debate), and I cook for everybody. So while I continue to not understand the anger often displayed by heated arguments over politics (to each his own, right),  I still continue to cook for my Libbies who seem to grow a little more conservative with age and parenting.

Here is the link to Julie Powell's blog. Take a peek. It is a good read and neat to see people connecting over food! Take a peek at Dorie's (Greenspan) blog, who actually worked with Julia C. She has been sharing some stories of her own. Pretty neat how we as fellow TWD'ers are working together on Dorie's baking book and she worked with Lady J, herself!

Now let's all go talk about more important things than politics, such as coooking good food and baking awesome sweets!

I have to go. I have laundry to fold, an NRA meeting to attend, some PROLIFE posters to make, soccer games to coach (where I make at least 5 kids cry), and a Sarah Palin rally to lead. All this before I put dinner on the table!

I hope you laughed.

To quote Mrs. Child, Bon Apetit!


Ingrid said...

LOL, that last paragraph, too funny!

I think I have some laundry that needs to be folded too. DOes it ever end? Nope!

Life with Kaishon said...

I feel the same way! What is with people and their CRAZY ridiculousness about politics. I might be more conservative, or less, but I am still a person and everyone should be allowed to decide how they feel. I agreed with this post 100%. Lots of times my coworkers get angry with me because we work in a fied that is very dominated by Democrats and I am not a registered democrat. It makes them so angry and mad at me. I can't understand it for the life of me. Life is too short! : )
PS Can't wait to see you at the NRA meeting!