Monday, August 10, 2009

Post#: Whatever!

You are too nice to me my fellow readers! I have been messing up on my post numbering-again.This time my hubby has not pointed it out to me, which probably means he is not reading my blog. I am so not motivated at the moment to go back and do an edit. I can live with messed up numbers for a while.

I now have a little downtime for myself. I love downtime, especially when it comes when I almost all by myself (tiny one is crawling around) and in the middle of a rainy day. The only thing that can make it better is if I had a steaming cup of coffee in front of me and some warm fuzzy slippers, but I will not overindulge. It is only Monday. I think.

While I had a little D-Time, I came across this "Stars Are Just Like Us" moment!

See even GPal plays "Food Network Star", too! I love it. I admit, she does not quite compare to my debut, but it was entertaining. Okay, it really wasn't it, but I will give her a "beautimous" break! It would be very "beautiful" of me to do that. You really have to watch the video, when you have 7 minutes to spare, to catch my kitchen humor, but I will understand if you don't and recap my comments for you (haha):

1)"Beautimous" just sounds silly and flat coming from Gwyneth.

2) How many more times in seven minutes could she have complimented veggies with adjectives such as "beautiful","gorgeous" and as the aforementioned, "beautimous"?

3) It is quicker and denser, not "more quickly" and "more denser". Shouldn't an ex-college student know that?

4) I never once saw her wash her hands after working with raw chicken.

5) What exactly was the cooking time for the Quick Roasted Chicken? Did anyone catch it?

You know, GPal gets a lot of criticism for her blog, GOOP, but I think it is interesting and she has her heart in the right place. Check it out if you have not already.

You know I NEVER make mistakes like that. For examples, typos.

Okay, how many posts have I written exactly?


Dragana said...

The video is ok - I think GPal has her heart in the right place, as you say. What scared me was her wrist - I thought it was bleeding at first! Turns out to be a red string or something.
#149 - way ahead of me!

Cheryl said...

Interesting, all I could think was HER BOOBS ARE HUGE for being such a tall skinny woman, LOL. I liked it, she is wearing a Kabala bracelet I think.

Life with Kaishon said...

You are right, she did sound a little uneducated : ) I always liked her though. She seemed a little more normal than some other stars : )