Thursday, September 2, 2010

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Today, I woke up determined to feel sorry for myself.  Today was one of those days that have become more common than not, since I left my career three years ago to become a homemaker.  Today is not the day I want to talk of that struggle, but to share instead how my day was turned around by my awesome friend, Marina, who is one of the most giving persons I know. 

Today is one of my two days of the week where I take the girls to be cared for by Marina, so that I can have 4-5 hours of "me" time. It is a gift to me from my loving husband. Today, I had plans to take my eldest daughter shopping and have a nice lunch with her. Yet, in between the day,  while being positive and peppy, girly and whimsical, I would think how I should be doing something more worthwhile, like presenting some new innovative technology, helping to bring humanity into science, being involved with community service, and making my mark on corporate America. That is what the plan was at one time. Now, I am a homemaker. Have been for three years. I am often overwhelmed by the demands of the household and two babies.  I know, poor me.

It is easy to feel sorry for yourself, even when you live in a nice neighborhood with a great husband, healthy and happy kids, and a dumb dog. 

Then, today, happened. I took the girls to meet with Marina and the playgroup at McDonald's. While I said hello and settled the kids in, she was making phone calls, phone calls that I learned were to help her friend who needed someone to send emails and faxes to the mortgage company in order to help save her home. I had just met Marina's friend this past Tuesday. She was showing us her three week-old baby, full of pride, smiles, and laughter. I would have never known that her light was going to be cut off today,  that her husband makes a meager living, that she works at the flea market when she can to make ends meet, that she too has five kids, and that she is about to lose her house. 

I would not have known if her friend and my friend, this amazing angel disguised as a human being here on Earth, Marina, did not share her story with me. 

Now I know. I know more than her story. I know mine:

I have 5 amazing kids, an awesome husband, a good life, and an afternoon to myself. 

An afternoon I almost used to feel sorry for myself, because I have so much and wanted more.  Now, I will use it to do good. And it will be better because today my daughter and I are going shopping for my friend's, friend. 

And over lunch, I will remind my daughter that He watches over the sparrow like my grandma always said He did. 

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
The Dalai Lama
Tibetan Buddhist religious leader (1935 - )
Carolina R. Little

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Cheryl said...

Ahh I love you! What a great thing to do, I also love helping others. I retired 3 years ago and have similar struggles, although I have no kiddos, I feel like I could do "something" but I dont know what that is :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It always puts things into perspective when we realize the cross we bear is so much SMALLER than the crosses others have to bear. Bless you for helping out this family in need.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful post-and what a wonderful gift your husband gave you!!!!!

Beth said...

What a wonderful quote. It's true -- our humanity really shines when we are sharing compassion with others. Hoping that your friend's friend manages to pull through....