Sunday, July 23, 2017

Debunking the Fountain of Youth

My hubby: My number one inspiration. He actually went WFPB first! A story in and of itself! 
My older  sister: She tried to tell me and I didn't listen! But she is older than me but looks the same age and can kick my ass in running. 

So here we are again.
I fell off the face of the Foodie Blogging World a long time ago (Mainly because I always felt too tired to share my experiences as much as I liked doing it. This would become a theme).
However, I never lost my love of making new foods.
Yep, while I love to try out new foods and share them, I usually eat to have energy reserves for my body not for just enjoyment or therapy.
Where we last left off, I was mostly running to eat; now I eat to run.
There is big difference in that  strategy.

For the most part, I always thought I ate mostly good foods and could afford to eat bad foods every once in a while. In my head, I ate an 80/20 diet (healthy food versus splurge food ratio) and was drinking "the booze" in amounts depending upon how much I ran that day or felt I deserved it. I attributed much of my lack of energy to genetics or getting older. Man, was I so wrong on a lot of that.

In my journey towards continuous improvement towards a happier and healthier me, all the books and articles I read and people I encountered seemed to be pointing me towards the right direction: CI my diet.  So, I did. And it has made the world of difference.

While I still believe in mentally coaching yourself throughout the day to handle your life in a more positive manner, exercise to feel good and bad ass (not everyone does it), and make sleep a priority no matter what, I am going to tell you that without the best eating lifestyle you can make for yourself, the other three will only numb your negatives not highlight the positives that make it easier for you to feel and recognize them.

Think about it, when you are overloaded at work, how well can you possibly be doing it? Will it really be your best work? Sure, a brisk walk and a little nap may help you from tanking or going postal, but if your workload remains the same, you are just putting a band-aid on it, and eventually, it will break you down.

The same for your body. It will start to break down.

The one thing we all have in common is the diet. Look all around most cities and the diets are similar with just a splash of their own regional character. People are still getting sick and addicted to foods that are not good for their bodies or quality of life.  It's the diet. We have taken it too far from what it was supposed to have been and made it something that is working against us. Just look to the left and right of you any day and possibly in the mirror and you know, it is the truth.

What do you have to lose on a whole foods, plant-based diet?  The answers:
1) Fatigue
2) Dr. Visits
3) Medications
4) Negative feelings
5) Physical restraints

This next chapter will be me sharing my awesome new life on a Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) diet and how it has been my Fountain of Youth.  Because, the fountain of youth is our bloodstream and just like you don't want to swim in polluted waters, your body doesn't want to be fed by a polluted bloodstream.  Kinda heavy? I won't always be. This is my missile though.

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Dragana said...

I saw Gabe the other day and he looks amazing! How did you do it? Last I heard he was all about meat and potatoes - no greens! You are both an inspiration.