Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Another Day

I know there are a lot of women out there who truly enjoy being pregnant. I am not one of them. If it was not for the little creature inside guaranteed to definitely make an appearance, I would be one very unhappy gal. Being pregnant for me, means that my body is out of control and I can never, no matter what I do, get comfortable. I can not breathe easily. I am exhausted all the time. I have heartburn like nobody's business. I am awkward and clumsy, not to mention, more absent minded than usual to the point of stupidity. I feel like I have sabotaged my body and it must be saying to me in very punctuated manner, WTF? I swear I feel hormones just sweating out of me. My hair feels nasty and I am always hot. Forget about a good night's rest. If I am not tossing and turning, then I am getting up at all hours of the night to pee, just to return to bed with the challenge of trying to become comfortable yet once again to sleep. So where in all this am I supposed to feel glowing and radiant??? I think it is a sham. I think all women who say they feel their most beautiful when they are pregnant are full of it or sick in the head!
What I find most extraordinary, just down right incredible, is that my hubby finds me unbelievably sexy at this time. He tries to explain this to me, but I still shake my head in disbelief. I mean after all, I have been too tired to do anything really with myself, no pedicure, manicures, make up, blah blah... So imagine my surprise when in my least read magazine, Parenting (somehow fashion and cooking and fitness still clutter my reading stash), made it a point on addressing these very issues in an article form its February 2008 edition (yes, I know I am way behind). I will focus on two of the points found in What Your Husband Wants You to Know (but isn't telling you): 1) "You look hot" 2) "It turns me on that you're the mother of my child".
First, according to Ian Kerner, our men still find us hot even if we have not primped and preened. OMG! Is this really true? He even goes as far to say, sure we look great with makeup and in our new dress, but our asses look awesome as we shimmy and shake unaware while doing something as mundane as loading the dishwasher! He admits guys think about sex at least hundred times a day, but goes on to say that no one makes us think more about it! Wow.
Secondly, Ian addresses why men are turned on by their maternal mammasitas. This "turn on" reaction apparently stems from self esteem. In other words, men find it extremely satisfying and proud that when they look at us the "Holy crap, I did it" factor kicks in. It is a sense of manliness that centers around us and their families. As Ian puts it, " It's us against the world, and just knowing there's an "us" gets our engines revving."
An Us. A We. How wonderful. Really, it is.
So, now that I have more background information to what my hubby has been trying to tell me, will it make me feel like the sexy prenatal primal primadonna that I am supposed to be? Doubtful. For some reason, I like having my body look a certain way, but it may decrease my eye rolling. May.

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Gabe said...

Just remember, you don't like it when people roll their eyes at you so don't be doing it to me when I give you the come hither stare!