Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ramblings again

Okay in my delirious state that I have come to accept since giving birth almost three weeks ago, I have decided to go ahead and blog even though my head is in a perpetual fog! Hey, that rhymed. I have finally put the wee one to sleep. She has been a lot of work. I have been to this rodeo three times before, for me this has been the most work. It is crazy how different every baby is. She is already a little diva who likes to be where the action is. She does like to be held, which would make Hispanic old school mothers cringe, and she also likes to be near noises, which I think is great, until you want peace and quiet so that you can sleep!
I have told everyone that this is my first time breast feeding. Well, breast feeding is supposed to be natural and all, but it is quite the phenomenon in our house. I mean it practically has a life or being of its own. It is that elephant in the room, always. I constantly feel that I only exist because I have udders. I mean I am practically a walking dairy! That is what you come to feel, like a milk factory. It is hard to feel sexy when you have udders. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is neat, other times it can be just exhausting and frustrating. Then, you find out that your little one has gained weight, and you feel glorious, like you have just accomplished a fantastic feat. This happened to us yesterday, when we had to take our little one in for a weight check to see if she had hit her birth weight. She did and then some! It was amazing, but the kind of amazing that only some one who has had a baby can realize. We all live our triumphs in phases. Don't we?
Okay, well I had more to write about other than baby stuff, but she is crying again and does not sound happy at all. So, once again, I am interrupted by the cry that tells me my udders might be needed again.

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