Sunday, August 10, 2008

My motto: It is Nifty Being Thrifty

Although, I have always had elements of frugality in me, I think now that I am a stay- at- home mom, I am trying to take it to its art form. I could never achieve perfection, because that would clash with some of mine and my family's past times. However, I can try to get as close to it as possible. For me to perfect thriftiness, I would have to not indulge at all. And like my eating habits, I can not really see myself doing that. I enjoy watching a much anticipated recently released movie just as much as I need my chocolate! So, instead of fighting it, I try to merge my thriftiness with my indulgences. For example, my family and I love to go and watch movies. To me, there is nothing that can quite compare to sitting in a cool, dark, loud theater, with a big screen lit up in front of you about to unfold a story while you drink a cold, iced drink with hot popcorn. In fact, when the kids are in school and my hubby is home on his time off, we love to play hooky at the local theaters. The kids always find us out, because we never seem to remember to hide the fountain drinks or popcorn bag.
I digress. How do I merge my thriftiness with not so cheap indulgences you ask? I become a member of card clubs and newsletters of my favorite places. If we are going to go there anyway against the winds of frugality, then why not save or receive something free. Recently I have subscribed to my favorite theaters and restaurants members cards and newsletters. The good thing about this is that you usually receive something off the bat just for joining. The second thing you receive offers no one else receives. The third thing you receive free stuff for your birthdays and anniversary. I mean what is the harm in signing up?
My thriftiness has been my joy and vain lately. Sometimes, I am so determined to utilize my coupons and special offers that when I do not optimize their use or forget to use them, I am unable to enjoy the rest of the day, but this could be my mild OCD rearing its ugly head. However, when I do use them, save money effortlessly, then I am in hog heaven. Really, it is a beautiful thing. I positively glow. Just ask my husband.
My latest "victories", as I call them, are free passes to go see Tropical Thunder at Studio Movie Grill, 40 percent of coupons for one item (Hobby Lobby and Michaels), 25 % off total purchase at Michaels, Free popcorn and $1 dollar candy at AMC, Free Schlotsky's sandwich, 2-$15 dollars off ticket for two restaurants, free ice cream, cheap oil changes with the works!!!, and much more.
I hope you get my drift.
So my words of wisdom lay here, why make someone else rich? Do your homework. Read the frugal blogs and site. Simple dollar is awesome. Take time to cut coupons. I find the best ones in my community flyers. This way, you know you are going to get coupons for places near you and may frequent. Sign up for you favorite places newsletters or member cards. Find out from store workers when they start putting the items on clearance. For example, my local Krogers put its reduced meat (from over cutting) on clearance on Wednesday nights. The same grocery store puts its deli stuff on clearance after 6 p.m.
It really is worthwhile. The victories are amazing. The money you save is great. But, I warn you, it is addictive, just like bargain shopping.
So, right now, I would have to say that my husband and I are on an 80/20 frugality to indulgence ratio, just like our eating habits (well not so much these past few weeks, but we will get there).
Ok, gotta go. The baby is crying. Must be feeding time, again!

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