Thursday, October 9, 2008

From The Kitchen Of...

Okay in my determination to make my hubby eat breakfast every day, I am now making pancakes and turkey bacon. Yes, this blog is coming from my kitchen. I am waiting for the pan to heat, watching Fox News, and drinking coffee. I absolutely love to cook. It is my therapy next to running and date nights.
Right now, I would like to preface the comments I am about to make with I believe our country deserves more than the Parties we have. No,not the birthday kind, but the political kind. I think most of us agree that the government is not what it was meant to be and has become a monster of its own. Most of us are very critical and Leary of it and the politicians that are supposed to be working on our behalf and clearly are not. However, let's be honest. Most of us do not know who are representatives are or what they are doing. We clearly are not taking our responsibilities seriously as voters and American citizens. Therefore, we are in the mess we are in. We are not very good bosses and they are not good employees. So, we all try to play catch up during voting time, especially the Presidential elections. And even then, most of us treat the election as a football game, us against them.
I am a fiscal conservative, but socially open to compassionate, but solid social legislation. I grew up in a poor economic side of town and I have seen what damage irresponsible hand outs, instigating class warfare and victimization can do. Most people assume that since I am a minority, grew up with very little, and was a single mother for so long, that I would jump on the Left bandwagon. They would be wrong. It would also be wrong to assume that I am a straight ticket voter. I do not. I vote for the person who I believe will get the job done and has integrity. I hate smooth talkers who want to move up, while getting NOTHING done. I saw and dealt with enough of those people in corporate America. It simply is time for all of us to use elbow grease and do the homework over INDIVIDUAL candidates and hold them to the values most of us grew up with, not agendas. What do I mean? Simple. Remember the advice about hanging out with the Bad Apple and the company you keep. Or look at the deeds as well as the words. Or if it is too good to be true, it usually is.
Integrity and hard work mean so much to me.
That is why when I heard that once again my teenage idol, Madonna, could not refrain herself from sounding crude and unintelligent when spewing her views in front of an audience, I have decided to sell my tickets to her concert that were meant for Mother and Daughter night (yes, i know what was I thinking?) to not support hateful views. I will use my ticket money to buy something nice for my daughter and do something nice for someone else. My daughter will be disappointed, but she will understand and more importantly, she will learn to walk the walk. I am sure Madonna will not take notice of the gesture.
For simply in my book, backed by a military family history (with my grandpa always loving his country as a soldier and Democratic citizen, you do not slam a man who not only served his country, but suffered at the hand of Her enemies, and still walked away with a love of country, stewardship, and optimism, just because he disagrees with you. How many of us would have done the same? Surely, not Madonna.

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