Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Tooth

Okay, so I know the picture above has nothing to do with the title. That's just me.
I found this turtle on sale some weeks ago at a Ross in OKC. It was $8. I almost passed on it, but I could not help myself and went back in to get it. Some would say I spent too much on it, but I love it. I love turtles and this was a really creative piece in my humble opinion. I placed him on my bathroom tub. I thought of placing a bath sponge on him, but will place oil beads on him instead. I think it will look prettier.

Since my mind continues to get mushier since the birth of my baby girl (which was already mushy after birthing my other babies), I thought my neighbor's sweet daughter's birthday was next week. I found out it was today. I had planned on baking her something special. Luckily, she came by with her friends on a birthday scavenger hunt. I was surprised, but helped her out, while my mental wheels were churning on what I could make her.
In the past, I would have been in a pinch, but with age comes wisdom, okay, preparedness, and I have some chocolates and strawberries on hand. So, I will dip her some strawberries and cover them with crushed cookies, nuts, and more chocolate and icing. Thank God, I have a sweet tooth! In fact, I chose running as my exercise of choice so that I could still eat carbs, sweets, and drink adult beverages from time to time. Runners tend to be able to have more flexibility with their calories, within reason.

So here is my advice for those of you who like to do something sweet for someone and want to do it on a budget and in a pinch. Always keep chocolate (semi sweet chips or bark) in your pantry and some cookies, pretzels, nuts, icing, etc... This way when someone new comes into the neighborhood or someone you like earns an accolade, you can melt some chocolate (defrost on low in microwave stirring every few seconds until chocolate melts) and dip cookies, nuts, pretzels (sticks are easier), and decorate by drizzling after cooling with more chocolate or icing.
Order: Melt chocolate, dip whatever you choose, dip into crushed candy or cookies or nuts, spread and set on wax paper, finally drizzle with extra melted chocolate or icing.
If you place these concoctions on pretty paper,foil, or doily, then it will look very nice and elegant. Everyone always thinks it is hard work, but it is really easy and always appreciated!
This is also a good family activity to do with little ones.
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