Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3-Minute Chocolate Cake in a Cup

From 3MChoCCakeCup

Yes, hard to believe, but it is true. My hubby, in his never-dying support for my hobbies, found this recipe to pass along to me. This recipe was featured on Lifehacker and called for a "throw together stuff from your pantry for when you need a choco-fix"- chocolate cake made in a microwave. I had heard of something similar a while back, but it called for a regular cake mix instead. Either way, today I decided to give the quirky recipe a try. I really wanted to video the whole 3-minute (and 30 second) adventure, but since I used a ginormous coffee cup, you never could see the cake rise in the video. Oh, well.

Okay, so the cake did turn out like the Lifehacker demo. It did taste gummy and like a cheap brownie cake. I souped it up though. I am talking a little butterscotch pudding, chocolate syrup, and powdered sugar (I ran out of whipped cream!). It managed not to taste so bad after all that, but so would cardboard. So would I eat this if I were fiending for chocolate in a desperate situation? Probably not. That is what cars and stores are for. Will I play with it some more? Uh, yes. It is me after all we are talking about. I will probably even try to Weight Watcher it. I also think I will add a flavored hot chocolate mix, like raspberry, for extra sweetness. The possibilities are endless, at least in my world.

This was fun to do. Better than laundry! There are some tips the Food Hacks give, like adding chocolate chips in the mix. I also like the idea of making it into a gift, a cup with the recipe and dry ingredients in it. Clever. If you read on further in the online article, you will find similar quirky recipes, like kneadless bread, and other jazzy comments about this microwaved cake. I especially like the one that says, "Only a stoner could have come up with this". Ganja Blue, I agree!

Bon Apetit, everyone! And thanks to my man for helping me live THE dream.

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