Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arborio Rice Pudding

From Arborio Rice Pudding

In order to get into the mood to write this blog, I put cinnamon sticks to simmer on the stove. I just love that smell. Later, when I am done with the homemade potpourri, I will add some milk to it and a touch of sugar, then I will have a drink known as Canela, which means cinnamon in Spanish. See, whimsical, yet practical, just as our dish was for this TWD challenge presented by Isabelle. Thanks, Isabelle, for hosting this simple, but tasty treat test.

Okay, so this was my first experience using Arborio rice. I found it at our local World Market. It was a reasonable price, especially when you consider a little goes a long way. That is my kind of deal. I did not have any issues with this recipe. It thickened up nicely for me. It was very similar to the Mexican Rice Pudding we make with traditional long grain rice, except it uses whole milk, instead of condensed and it is served cold, not hot like ours with cinnamon. One of my favorite memories from home, my grandma making us this dish in the mornings. I prefer Vanilla Rice Pudding over the chocolate, which will shock most people who know me to be a Chocofiend. I chilled and served the pudding in individual ramekins. Then, I topped it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of raspberry flavored cocoa, served with limone glazed biscotti, and garnished with a cinammon stick.

I am so excited! I was finally introduced as a new baker on the TWD homepage. I thought they had forgotten about me. I guess not.

Be sure to visit the site and look at the many blogs. I warn you, many will make you hungry and inspired!

Next up: Thanksgiving Twofer Pie


Flourchild said...

Welcome to TWD..so glad you here! Your rice pudding looks wonderful. I wasn't to crazy about this weeks recipe but Im glad I made it. I love TWD cus you try things you may not bake if not inspired by TWD! Again welcome and have fun!!

Steph said...

Welcome to the club! Your first TWD looks stunning! Awesome job and can't wait to see all your TWD goodies to come :)

Pamela said...

Welcome to TWD!! The rice pudding looks great! It wasn't my favorite recipe, but at least I can say I tried it, right?

Jodie said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm assuming you pronounce your name Caroleena, not like the state? I LOVE that name. We're using it for our next daughter! ;) Welcome to the group!

Teanna said...

Welcome to TWD! It sounds like your first go round was a success! I can't wait to see what you make from here on out!

Lael said...

what a cute presentation of your rice pudding! And I am going to have to try making Canela very very soon -- it sounds delicious. Welcome to TWD!