Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Comeback: Dorie Greenspan's Perfect Party Cake

It has been a long time since I have posted. I have missed my blog while adjusting to being back at work full time. It has been a successful return and now I am ready to pick up where I left off when I stayed at home. I still bake and cook. It's my therapy. Of course, with school out, the meals are slim on the weekdays and usually I save the special stuff for the weekends. With everyone here and there and everywhere since curfews are later, it is just easier this way. 

So when a special occasion comes along, let's say for example, a birthday...Well, I am bound to go a little crazy with the food. 

This is just what happened when I hosted my daughter's Big 3 birthday party with a small turnout. I laid out her favorite foods (okay, and some of mine, too). 

 Since the theme was Summer, I laid out picnic-like fare meets toddler treats spread. In the background, you can see the main attraction, Dorie Greenspan's Perfect Party Cake.

Now, I have made a copy cat version of this recipe years before (which explains why I didn't remember it being hard the last time, since I cheated by using a box mix two years ago, unlike this time around).

While this cake does have several steps to it, it is by no means difficult for semi-experienced bakers. Beginners may want to plan well ahead for it.   It does take  a little more time and effort than a box mix, but, to me, it was and is worth it. I am on a roll for over four years now making homemade cakes for ALL special occasions in our home instead of buying them, not that I mind store-bought cakes at all.  However, there is simply something magical about homemade cakes, especially ones that are fluffy white with sprinkles. Notice the smash cake next to the big cake? Cute, huh?

 Here is a closeup of the moist, fluffy, light-tasting lemon-raspberry cakey goodness. While Dorie suggests eating this cake the day it is made, I find that the cake tasted better a day later. The lemon flavor seemed to perk up a little more the next day in the cake and in the frosting.

While my cake layers do not look as pristine as Dorie's, I was pretty happy with the final result. I think with a little more time and room in my fridge, I will be able to set the cake with jam first. Then, add the buttercream last and chill in the fridge again for a final set and more distinct layering.  Also, I will make 1 1/2 servings of buttercream for this cake, since I like a thicker topping.

 It's a pretty safe bet that make this cake again. I think it is a perfect base cake for an ice cream cake, without the jam filling. The buttercream is light and fluffy (and would also work on an ice cream cake), although I will probably add a little more lemon juice to it in the future and some butter flavoring extract, too.

It really is a pretty cake. Perfect for the summer. Really perfect for a Princess' cake. And I am so happy it is my first Comeback Post.

If you would like to give this awesome cake recipe a try, you can find a great post by Ezra Pound Cake about it and the recipe here.  Before you make it, here is a post with some very helpful tips from a site I used to participate in ages ago.

It is good to be back!

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Cheryl said...

Love it, I have improved my cake baking ability in the last few months, it is so fun!